Aaron’s Need!

“That’s your fucking problem!” Marc huffed in Aaron’s ear! “You need a fucking Daddy! You need someone to control you and your pussy!” Marc had Aaron half naked in the apartment complex stairwell. Aaron’s chest and face pressed against the cold concrete wall. A security camera hung perfectly above the two men fucking raw in a perfectly moonlit stairwell. All of the fear of people walking by and seeing them roughly fucking and exchange degrading words were erased. Marc pounded into Aaron’s ass with aggression while softly choking him. “I’m your daddy! Fuck that nigga you call your boyfriend!”

“You’re not daddy! You’re a fucking boy.. excited to fuck my tight wet hole!” Aaron moaned! He was enjoying being roughed up, talked down to and shamed by a younger man. A rough, rugged and angry  Spanish man! Marc spat on Aaron face and then licked it off.

“This is my pussy! I owe this pussy!” Marc yelled.. “I’m daddy, nigga!” He yelled! “I’M DADDY!” Marc voice echoed through the stairwell. His anger becoming apparent as he started pounded Aaron harder and harder. Every thrust against Aaron’s prostate made him moan and cuss and Marc!

“You’re a fuck boy… you’re my toy! I play with you! I play with your dick because it’s big and convenient. You are not daddy!” Marc choked Aaron and yelled “This pussy ain’t yours, dummy!”

“I’m your daddy! You hear me!” Aaron looked into the security camera feeling even more aroused. Marc released his grip on Aaron neck and shot a powerful load into Aaron’s ass. Aaron felt the hot load fill his walls.


A few weeks earlier…

Aaron was leaving work when he spotted Marc walking in the rain without an umbrella. Journal Square terminal was usually swimming with people after 6pm. Marc was huddled under the hood of the terminal cussing at his phone. When Aaron walked passed, Marc stopped him.

“Excuse me, can I use your phone?” Marc asked! “I’m not getting any reception and I am meeting my best friend here and I am kinda lost!” Aaron was hesitant. He’d heard of people who asked to use someone phone and in an instant it was stolen. Aaron had just gotten his new iPhone and was not willing to part so soon. Aaron didn’t want to say no!

“What’s the number? I can dial it for you!” Aaron took out his phone and started dialing the number Marc gave him. The phone rang but no one picked up.

“Do you know where  Newark Avenue is?” Marc asked.

“Yes, I’m headed that way. Do you want to walk with me?” Aaron asked, hoping that Marc would say no.

“Please!” Marc said. On their walk, Aaron found out that Marc lived in New York. He and his best friend were supposed to meet up and go out to dinner.  As Marc and Aaron were about to part ways on the corner of Newark and Baldwin Marc grabbed Aaron’s hand. “Thanks, Would you like to hang out some time?” As dreamy as that sounds Aaron never indulged in hanging out with guys he barely knew.

“I am seeing someone and I don’t want it to be complicated.” Aaron said.

“I promise that it wouldn’t.” Marc said. “I can call you tonight and make plans with you.” Aaron gave in.

“Why not?” Marc grinned “I’ll give you my number.”

“I have it.” Marc said. “You called my phone. I am not waiting on someone. Was just waiting for the rain to clear.” Aaron was shocked, and quite impressed. He was also scared when he looked down at Marc’s bulge. The bulge was hard and huge. Marc grinned again.

“So, maybe we can get together now!”

“I can’t I just met you and I really have a lot to do tonight.” Aaron said. Marc then stuck his hands in his pants and grabbed his hard dick and pulled it out. Aaron looked around trying to make sure the people passing them by on the streets weren’t paying attention to them.

“I’m gonna fuck you.” Marc laughed as he continued to stroke his dick in public.

“You know, people can see you, right?” Aaron asked, slightly turned on.

“I DON’T GIVE A FUCK. It would be hot if they saw me break your back right here on the corner.” The words lit a fire in Aaron’s pants. He melted on the inside. Marc spoke with such force and passion that Aaron visualized being fucked outside bending over a car.

“I have to go!” Aaron turned away and started walking down the Baldwin headed towards his house. Marc followed behind.Aaron’s phone started ringing. It was the number Marc dialed earlier. Aaron ignored the call and walked a little faster. Aaron heard Marc footsteps behind him and they grew louder, faster and closer.

“You ignored my call.” Marc said in a soft and horny voice.

“Yea, I told you I have a lot to do.” Aaron yelled. “I gotta go.”

The next day!!!

Aaron woke up exhausted and unable to get out of bed. He reached for his phone and realized that he had 7 missed calls. All of the calls came from Marc. Aaron called his boss and told them that he was not making it into work. Aaron looked around his room and thought about calling Marc, but he was scared about leading him on. Marc seemed like a harmless guy who might be into some freaky shit and although it turned Aaron on, it frightened him just as much.

Aaron made his way into the bathroom. He started his shower. He looked into the mirror gazing at his face. He still looked younger than he’d expected a 32 year old to look. He was still baby-faced and tight. He stepped into the shower and fell into a trance as the hot water started to pour over his body. He began to wash himself. Then his iPhone buzzed. It continued to buzz. Aaron reached for the phone buzzing on the sink. It was Marc. Aaron ignored it. But Marc called back. Aaron continued to wash himself. A notification popped up on his screen.


After his shower, Aaron returned to his bed and called Marc.

“Hey baby!” Marc said. The sound of someone calling him baby gave Aaron chills. Aaron hated affection. Aaron hated affection more than he hated Oprah Winfrey.

“Marc, you can’t called me non-stop.  That is insane.” Aaron said.

“I want to see you again.” Marc said. His voice was stern.,

“We can meet for coffee tomorrow or later today!” Aaron said.

“I don’t want coffee. I just want to see you! I am actually in your neighborhood.”

“Why are you in my neighborhood?” Aaron asked. “How do you know where I live?”

“My best friend lives in the area, remember? I just stayed with him last night. I am leaving to go back to New York today.” Marc said. “Can we get together before I leave?” Aaron paused.


“Okay!” Marc said. “Text me your info and I will meet you at your place.” The call dropped. Aaron texted Marc his address then he ran to get dressed.”


Aaron invited Marc into his apartment. Aaron had lived in the four story walk up for 2 years. He shared the apartment with his puppy Midnight.

“This is nice!” He said. “You live here alone?” Marc said looking around.

“Yes!” Aaron instantly beat himself up for telling the truth. This guy could still be crazy.


“So what’s up?” Aaron asked Marc. Aaron sat on the sofa in the living room and asked Marc if he wanted anything to drink. Marc refused and said.

“I just wanted to see you. You sexy as hell!”  Aaron blushed.

“Thank you!”

“You know exactly what I really want.” Marc leaned in and started kissing Aaron on the lips. He slipped his tongue in Aaron’s mouth. Araon pulled back.

“Dude, what are you doing” Aaron asked.

“We are booth grown men. I wanna fuck, and I know you wanna fuck.” Marc said standing up revealing his huge budge. “Look at it, Let me get it right between your legs. I wanna make your pussy wet baby.

Aaron’s body started to melt and his heart beat started to speed up.  Aaron reached for Marc’s pants as he stood up over Aaron. Unbuckling his belt and undoing his pants, Marc moaned and freed his body from his pants and forced himself into Aaron’s mouth. Deeper and deeper into Aaron’s mouth Marc moaned as Aaron’s continued to work to shaft of Marc’s dick.

“Fuck me on the bed!” Aaron’s said taking off of his clothes.

“No!” Marc said looking at the window. Marc opened the blinds on the window and pushed Aaron’s naked body against the window.  Marc spat in Aaron’s ass repeatedly until he felt it was moist enough.  Without testing with his fingers, Marc forced his hard dick inside of Aaron. The heat of pain pleasured Aaron as he threw himself further back onto Marc.

“I’m daddy!” Marc yelled! “This shit is mine now!” He started to choke Aaron and Aaron dick started to get excited!

“You’re just a boy!” Aaron said, adding! “You don’t know how to handle a bitch like me yet!” Marc started thrusting harder.

“Bitch, I’m daddy! I own your slut ass!”  Marc yelled. “I made you’re hoe ass pussy give in to  this dick.. Now you’re taking me… I’m Daddy Bitch!” Marc started thrusting even harder in and out of Aaron’s ass. The harder he pounded, Aaron’s ass moved closer. Aaron’s body needed to be fucked this way. He loved how it felt to be possessed. Aaron opened his eyes for a moment while enjoying the pleasure from Marc hard dick and noticed that he could see directly into his neighbors apartment from his window. Aaron silently wished they were home watching him get used by this angry man.

“Turn around whore!” Marc demanded! Aaron faced Marc. Marc slapped Aaron face and forced him on his knees. “Suck my nut out of me!”

“Fuck me, nigga!” Aaron laughed… Marc slapped Aaron again!

“Bitch, I said suck my dick!” Aaron went to the bed and laid on his back. He held his legs in the air and started fingering himself. Aaron started to moan loudly! Aaron placed three fingers into his hole and started moving them harder and faster. Marc licked his lips as he watched Aaron pleasure himself. Aaron motioned to Marc,

“Finish me off, nigga!” Marc started to thrust Aaron while he was on his back. “Deeper, nigga!” Aaron yelled with a moan. Deeper and faster Marc fucked Aaron! “Oh God! Oh God! Im gonna nut, pa!” Aaron yelled as his juicy nut shot all over his chest. Marc pumped faster and harder and within minutes he started groaning.

“Damn, bitch!” he yelled.. “This is my pussy!” Like that Marc came and finished on top of Aaron belly! Not a word was spoken at first, just deep breaths and pounding hearts.

“I’m Daddy!” Marc said.

“Naw nigga! You ma son!” Aaron laughed…


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