Buzzfeed Application

Hey Zofties,

I try to make it no secret that I am obsessed with the thought of working at Buzzfeed! Actually, I am certain that all of my friends and coworkers know that Buzzfeed and Vogue are at the top of my lists for the perfect companies to work for. Buzzfeed is a start-up turned media powerhouse that I see myself working at. Their content is everything that I see myself producing in the future. I have a lot to learn when it comes to journalism and public relations and I am certain that Buzzfeed is the place to mold me.

So told I applied to an internship there. Why? Because we all have got to start somewhere. I have experience, but I really want to start from the bottom and work my way up. I want to be molded by Buzzfeed and bring what I already know about these fields to the table.  I am seriously nervous about this and praying that I get a response.

From this day forward, I am dedicating myself to writing in my notebook daily. I’ve also purchased a Macbook Pro to get me prepared. I know that I am not promised the internship, but one day I will get it.

About the application… There is a feature in their application (just like most applications) it asks about your disabilities. Bipolar Disorder is listed as a disability. I do not consider having bipolar disorder disabling. I know that for some people, it can be a disability. Personally speaking, there are times when I feel that it is a little hard to get out of bed. However, I push through all of that and I manage to function. Lately, there have been days when I have been really sad, but on those days I believe I function a lot better than I did years ago. For these reasons, I optioned that I did not have a disability. I hope that this isn’t taken as if I was telling a lie. I think it is fair to self-identify when it comes to situations like this.

Anyway, I am still hopeful.

Today at work the squad and I are conducting free screenings at Essex County Community College in Newark, New Jersey! I am a little excited about not being in the office today! I love being in their field sometimes.


Happy Rainy Days!!!



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  1. youngplum says:

    My professor almost talks me into applying for the internship every year, and every year I find a way to politely decline. As of yet, it isn’t my thing, but I do think you have a very unique person-hood that you could bring to the Buzzfeed team.

    I love that you bring the dynamic of mental health into that which is innately black, and also gay – You’re finding a way to bring your whole self into your work. I wish you luck!

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    1. Thank you so much.. and from your thoughts to Gods good wishes!!! I am really praying that they’d consider giving me a chance. I would really like you to consider applying. It would be great for you. We should have lunch


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