Hey Zofties,

It’s been a while, and I owe so much of myself to finish the projects I have started. This blog has been so much more than a project of words on a screen for me. It’s been a lot of healing and processing. So let’s start here by stating the obvious… I have had really busy nights and days where I have written a lot of little without posting. Call it writers block or self-doubt, but I know that when I wrote, I want to be genuine in tune to how I really feel at the time. 

Why am I posting today? I was just thinking about how I really want to change the conversation on mental illness. I want to be a better advocate. I have been working so hard towards those goals. So if if not writing here, I am still somewhere advocating… 

The conversation is needed in the black community… The breakdown of Kanye West, Kidd Cudi and Others, prove that mental illness/depression is still stigmatized in the black community. We have to do so much better here and try to understand that our lives will only improve with knowledge, support and love!!! 

Until next time.


And I’m back on Zoloft and Focalin!!! 

I’m almost mysel again. 


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