Filthy (Fiction Erotica) Daily Prompt

We entered, excited and almost shameful. We had heard about this place, but we weren’t certain on what to expect.

A couple of weeks back, I had met a few guys who were talking about the Little Theatre.

“Trey, You have to go! It is really an experience.” Jacob said to me.

“You know his shy ass ain’t going anywhere near that place.” Kelsey laughed.

A few of my clients spoke about this place in our sessions. When I am counseling some of the men at our center, they often talk about their sexual practices.

“It’s just an abandoned theatre that plays porn.” One client admitted. “There are a few floors for different people. Mostly men. I never see women there.” Intrigued, I asked for more information.

” Are all the men gay?” I asked.

“No. Not all. On the first floor, they play straight porn. The second floor is for gay men. But since you barely see women there, the guys hook up with each other or just jerk off watching each other.” I am certain that my eyes were widen as my client spoke.

“When was the last time you had gone?” I asked. I am inquisitive by nature. It’s the Gemini in me. I crave for knowledge. I live off of the need to know and experience everything.

“I don’t go all the time. I hadn’t been there in months.” The client said. “It’s filthy and kinda stinky!”

Weeks Later.

A colleague, Mark and I were leaving a business meeting. Just a casual entrepreneurs thing. We had been driving around talking and running errands when he asked me.

“Do you know about the Little Theatre?” My stunned looked must have said it all, but I answered.


“Ever gone?” He asked.

“No! Have you?” I asked.

“Not yet. I haven’t found anyone to go with me.”  We went over the scenario in our heads. I was afraid of going. I didn’t want to bump into clients. I definitely was afraid of running into coworkers. He was afraid of what he may find.

“I am curious.” I said. “My clients talk about this place and I have always wanted to just go and see what it looks like.” I admitted. “I just want to look around.” Somehow, I convinced him to go and we drove there.

We had found a parking space across the street from the theatre. The admission was $10 per person.

“$10 to get off?” We laughed. Once inside the lobby, you are hit with the smell of abandonment. Well, the smell most moldy abandoned buildings smell. There is a red carpet that leads you to glass doors. Through the glass doors, is darkness and loud moans of men in amazing pleasure. Of course the moans are coming from the loud porn that is being played on the screens.

Mark  grabbed my hand and whispered. “This is kinda cool!” I agreed. We surveyed the place and my clients were right. The place was filthy. There was garbage everywhere. The walls were dirty and the bathrooms were messier than park bathrooms. The smell of sweat and funk was something that you kind of got used to as the time went on. There were men there. Sitting around. Looking at porn and watching everyone around them. We didn’t see women at all, mainly men looking for action and it didn’t matter what kind of action.

We decided to try the second floor where the theatre was playing gay porn. The second floor was more of a tight squeeze from the first floor. It was a narrow room with a few seats, a bench and a small back hallways behind the screen. Mark and I sat on the bench to view the movie.

“Why not?” I sat with him, we didn’t really speak. Instead, we messaged each other using our phones. He was enjoying the movie. I was enjoying the movie. The groans of a man being deeply penetrated excited me. The sex was rough, and satisfying. Then we heard moans coming from behind the screen. Mark, turned to me. “Did you hear that?” I smiled and nodded. He then said, “this guys is looking at you.”

I turned and saw a Spanish guy behind me. I held Mark tighter.

Mark and I got up and headed behind the screen to see who was behind it. It was a small brick room. There were about five men back there. Two of them were kissing and jerking each other off. another group was raw fucking. Then there was one guy, a little heavy and really cute, watching it all. Mark and I kissed. He pushed me against the brick wall and slipped his thick tongue into my mouth. I welcomed it. His hands started to play with my belt. I was freaking out on the inside. I wanted him bad. We continued to kiss until I felt him pull away. A second later I felt his mouth on my dick. I let out a loud moan. All eyes were now on us. His mouth was warm and my dick felt at home there. When he came up for air, I returned the favor. His thick, 6 foot plus body shivered as I took his inches to the back of my throat.

I got up and whispered in his ear. “Fuck me!”  His deep voice groaned and said.

“Be patient! One day!”  He kissed me and said, “You taste, so good.”

“Taste my cake!” I asked. And he did. All of my body exploded.

More guys started to fill the back wall with their dicks in their hands. Mark and I kissed as we stroked ourselves. Deeply breathing, bodies pressed together. He whispered in my ear.

“I know you want this dick Trey.” He said. “Your pussy taste so good.”

“It’s all yours when you need it!”

“I’m gonna beat that shit up for you.” Mark moaned.

“Oh Yea!” I sighed. “You want this?”

“It’s mine!”

Until finally, He climaxed. I followed him, cumming a little after. My semen hit the filthy floors. Mark and I smiled at each other and kissed some more. We then fixed ourselves up and walked outside. Into the city air until we both exploded with laughter.

“Yo!” Mark laughed. Someone kept touching on me. I thought that was you.” I laughed. “When I nutted, Someone wiped my dick off.”

“Oh my God. Wait, were you the one who kept tickling my asshole?” Mark eyes widened as he started laughing.

“Nah! That wasn’t me!”

“Oh My God. Someone kept fingering me and then started deeply fingering me. I thought it was you. I came so hard.”  He and I started laughing really loud in the New Jersey streets.

“How do you feel?” He asked me while we climbed into his car.

“Slutty… I like it!” We laughed while we drove off.



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