Justice 4 All Americans

Dear America,


I am breaking my silence… this is the hand we’ve been dealt… Like many Americans, I am saddened by the outcome of the election, but I still have to live my life and press on. I have had time to digest and come to realization that we live in a world where there are people who have different views. We can continue to blame those who did not vote and those who “wasted” their vote on a third party…

But, I suggest we continue to live, educate ourselves and get more involved in our world. Build up our communities. As I am angered about Trumps win because it sheds the light on how hateful some really are, I am reminded that this is how our country has always worked. This is how democracy works. I can only hope for the best…

To my women, LGBT, Hispanic, Muslim, Black, Immigrants, Jewish, friends, family and coworkers. I love you all! I stand with you and I feel your pain. I feel the same discouragement you feel. I have sat and cried the same tears you have the last couple of days and I have secluded myself in silence. I am with you.

Yesterday I took the PATH from Journal Square and I witnessed for the first time, a silent train. No one was talking to each other. As I I walked through Penn Station, I saw the same thing. Everyone was in a state of shock, and it worried me. It still worries me. However, I cannot live these next 4 years in fear… I will not live these next 4 years in fear! I know what we have coming and I will trust that as Americans, we will learn from this and exercise our rights even if that means to challenge and overthrow our government; which is well within our rights as Americans.

I wish you all love and peace…

Forever let your SoulGlo and be inspired to do exceedingly and abundantly greater than you can ever imagine!!!!



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