My thick man

When he walks in the room, everything in the world stops. 
“Hi baby!” His voice is as innocent as a child’s. His eyes light up. He’s happy to see me. He walks in the room to find me on the bed swiping through my iPad. He leans in to kiss me. “Why are you still working?” 
“I don’t know. I have an issue!” He sighs. I’m always working… It limits the time we spend together… But that’s not what this post is about.. 
Lionel loves to strip down to his undies when he walks in… I like to watch him. I smile as I watch him make himself comfortable and at home. He starts talking about his day in the office. And I watch his hairy, chubby body reveal itself. My body heats up and in no time, his furry legs are in the air. 
For as long as I could remember, thick and hairy men were like a turn on for me. I don’t know why. I just think there is so,etching so sexy about a hairy man. Lionel is what some may call a cub in the gay/bear community. He’s not fat, but he’s not skinny. I think if Lionel was really skinny when we met, he and I would not have lasted this long. I’ve been with my share of “models.” The sex was okay, but it was hard to get through it without thinking about having sex with a thicker man… 

In high school, I used to tell my cousin Amirah that I wanted to get fucked by a big boy really bad. She always laughed. 
When I had my first big man, I was hooked. The sex was amazing. His name was Keith (ironically) he lived on Armstrong in Jersey City. He was my first big guy and drug dealer boyfriend. He had a girlfriend and I was his “boy.” Every night, I was getting what his girlfriend wasn’t trying to get. And it was awesome having a little extra to hold onto. The extra working that went into fucking with a thick man. The workout. The sweet smell of sweat. It made me nut harder than 

I like thick men. I subscribe to Modern Bear and Test-Oh-Sterone online. I see nothing but, curvy, hairy, burly men on my Facebook and Instagram feed. My #MCM is always Seth Rogen! Believe it or not, if I’d ever met Seth, he’d fuck me. He’d fuck me like I were a groupie waiting outside his hotel room. I’d bring him Molly and kosher wine (because that what us Jews love… I think… I’m new to this) and we’d fuck… 
And he’d tell James Franco… And James would want to make a movie about it… And it would win at Sundance…. 

The reporters would ask me about my inspiration in the film… And I would say… 

I rub my face in Lionel’s chest and belly hair and run my fingers through it. I sniff his armpits. I sexualize his body hair. It’s my favorite thing about his body… Other than how it looks naked…. 


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  1. youngplum says:

    bahahahah, Yes, if you tell James Franco you wanted him to shoot a documentary of you inhaling and then exhaling for two hours, he’d probably consider so long as he get’s to say its a James Franco film….

    ALSO, I’m tall and slender, almost embarrassingly, and I definitely think teddy bear guys are absolutely adorable, especially if they have glasses or facial hair.
    DOUBLE also, familiar with the bara genre of Japanese comics? Big cute guys, yet another one of my strange obsessions. I’d like to be normal one day, perhaps.


    1. I am familiar with bars anime… It’s hot… I used to be skinny. I think that’s how it started.. Being attracted to men who were bigger and seemed stronger than me… My boyfriend is a hairy Jewish white man… And I nut just by looking at him and guys like him… And I’d stop there before I do a TMI moment


      1. youngplum says:

        Ehhhh.. It’s the internet. No such thing as ‘TMI’ on here, allegedly.

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