Dear Taylor Swift! 

Dear Taylor Swift, 
Please sit down for a minute and understand why I am so pissed off at you. 

First, I am a black man and although I will admit that I like some of your music; I am not a huge fan. Of course, I have fond memories of listening to “Teardrops on my Guitar” at my first job (Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey) I remember the first time you played “Our Song” on So You Think You Can Dance! Who else can remember the joy they felt hearing “We Are Never Getting Back Together” on the VMAs? I sung that song so much that my friends had it stuck in their heads. 
But Taylor, Kanye West, is a musical genius. He’s a Chi-town nigga with a Nas flow. He just happens to be one of the best Black artists alive today. Kanye, has worked hard to bring amazing music to the masses. A lot of his music carries a message that is often lacking on radio stations. His concerts are pure art as well as his fashion shows. 
Kanye is known to be arrogant and a diva but that goes along with the Hip Hop territory. Most men in hip hop are arrogant. Kanye happens to be amazing at being egotistical. 
Taylor, you have decided to help the white press bury one of the last great artists of color that the world has ever seen. How? 
You lied! Not just a small white lie. (I’m laughing) You made him appear as if he was the same monster who robbed you of your “moment” in 2009. Was this a revenge? Taylor, not only did you deny ever speaking to Kanye about his song “Famous,”you denied knowing about the lyrics and once again played the victim to a black man who was seemingly bullying a white female. But that wasn’t the case this time. You and your reps were really trying to end his career the way you tried to end Katy Perry’s career and tried to blacklist Jake Gyllenhaal. The difference in this situation is race! 
Why does race play a role in this? Because you know that the media is a lot more harsh on people of color. You know that your fake American Sweetheart reputation, helps you manipulate the media to believe every word you say and continue to paint Kanye West as the big bad wolf. Bravo… Well played. 
Let me ask you? What’s the difference between what you did to Kanye and what a white woman does when she haves an affair with a black man and then cries rape??? 
I’ll give you a minute!!! 
Oh okay!!! I get it!!! You need me to tell you! Well there is no difference. Other than this time, the black man and his wife has evidence proving that you not only spoke to Kanye, but you gave him the freedom to write the song however he wanted. I understand how you are offended by being called a “bitch” because it isn’t all that poetic. But you gave him the freedom to tell the story however he wanted without specifics of wording of lyrics. 

That is like saying, “it is rape because I didn’t have an orgasm.” I am sure that’s not how rape works. The fact remains, that us black people have seen this before, where a white woman cries about being bullied by a black man when in secret, she’s is drinking wine and giggling with him when her friends aren’t around. 

You have allow the world to paint this man as a liar and a bully for “attacking” you. When the truth is, you’re the liar. You are the bully and attacker. You and your media, your reps, and your squad has sat back and watched the modern lynching of a black man on trial for telling the truth. The truth about a ruthless bitch worried about her name and the reaction from others. Rather than confessing that after hearing the song and what your friends had to say about the song, you decided you were embarrassed and decided that your feelings were hurt. 

 Shame on you!!! 

You and all of you Number 1 hits filled with the tales of your relationships and broken friendships. Shame on you for claiming “character assassination” when you are the queen of “character assassination” you’ve not only made a career out of it, but your lies has helped assassinate Kanye’s character. And it is very unfortunate that you and your media friends are still making Kanye pay for the night he grabbed your moment by telling the world that Beyoncé s’ video was so much better than yours. I do believe that your plan was to get him back for that night, I don’t think you planned on Kim releasing the proof of the phone call… To Kim, I say…. 

Sometimes a wife gets fed up with having people slam her husband. You will soon get more of the backlash you deserve.. For now… I am done with you! 
Bye Bitch!!! 


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