Phone call!

I sat patiently while the phone was ringing on the other end…
“Hudson Psychiatric, this is Katrina!” I heard a familiar voice say. 
“Oh my God! You’re back!” I squealed into the phone.. “You had the baby!” I said!
“Wait!!! Keith?” Katrina asked. 
“Yea, it’s me!” I said, still a little surprised she remember my voice after all of this time.
“Where have you been?” She asked. 

“Trying to get this insurance right!” I laughed. “You know not that many employers offer Aetna!” I said. I have been trying so hard to find a job that offered insurance that my doctor accepted. 
“Yes, I know! Are you coming back?”
“Yes, but I am booked this whole month, can we set something up towards the end of the month?” I asked. 
“Certainly!” As Katrina help me set my appointment. I thought about the best times I’ve have with Dr.Gajera! I was happy that I would get a chance to see him again. 
“Is he busy? I would really like to talk to him.” I asked. 
“He just finished with a client. I’ll see if he is available.” She said he goodbyes and placed me on hold. The phone went silent for a moment. 
“Keith! How are you?” The voice was friendly and excited. His face beamed into my head. His dark hair, his bright smile and bedroom eyes. 
“Hey Doc! How are you?” I asked! 

“I am well! What have you been up to?” He asked. 
“A lot! I cannot wait to tell you the craziness when I see you!” I laughed. 
“Oh boy! Are you suing your old job? What’s going on?” 
“Oh! Nothing like that, just a lot. I am really happy to be back. My blog hasn’t been the same since I left you!” He laughed. I remember telling him about the blog and how I re-tell some of our meetings. At first he didn’t approve, but then he adjusted to it. 
“You need new material, I feel like you’re using me!” He said. 

“I’m paying you to use you!” I laughed. “I think you’ll be fine!” 
“Alright!” He said “Well, I’ll catch up with you soon!” 
“July 29th!” I said. He agreed… 
More Dr. Gajera sessions!!! I can’t wait. 


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