Orlando was hard. It was depressing.  Like many human beings, I woke up on Sunday June 12th feeling the deepest sadness I had ever known. I have CNN alerts on my phone, and the alerts woke me up. It is safe to say that the news of Orlando was the first piece of information that I had awaken to. 

At first I was in denial, then denial turned into shock. The shock became sadness. If you remember anything about that day, you should remember that the news of this tragedy was inescapable. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, CNN, MSNBC even the barbershops were screening and talking about the tragedy.

As I sat in a beauty salon  for 8 hours in Teaneck, NJ; I wondered what the families must be going through.  I wondered if any of my friends were in Orlando at the time. I wondered if that could ever happen here in New York. 

After Orlando, Our company learned that we had lost a coworker and the lost troubled me even more. I’ve remained in the deepest depression for the last two weeks. 

It’s Pride week in New York, and I do not normally attend Pride week due to my phobia of crowds, but my thoughts are with everyone who decides to celebrate.. However, I have come to the conclusion that there are no more safe places in the world. Violence can happen in Churches, schools, workplaces, bars, clubs and practically anywhere in the world. 

I tefuse to agree with the conspiracy theories that this was a farce so that Trump would seem correct about Muslims being terrorists. I refuse to believe that all of this was a calculated to put fear into the hearts of Anericans. 

I believe that somewhere in the world, someone lost someone they loved. Someone took their child for granted and abandoned the most and now that child is dead. Someone let someone walk out the door after an argument and never  shared a compassionate thought, and now that life is gone. Someone has never gotten the chance to find true love or reach their full potential and now they are  dead… And this depresses me. So for a moment, I would love America to realize that this is not about race, sexuality, religion, politics or anything that continues to divide us… This is about human life. Life has been taken away and the world is still divided… 

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  1. Darell Grant says:

    Loves it. This was so heartfelt! It’s a sad mad world dahling. No one is safe. Will things ever change…

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