Where the Chips Fall—StoryTime (Fiction)

I don’t get it. It just happened. The temptation was too much to bear. My husband decided to go bowling and I hate being alone. I received the phone call and the next thing I know, I was inviting him over. “Are you scared?” He asked! His voice was deep and assertive. He addressed me with lust and aggression.

“Yes!” I said! “I haven’t done this before!” I haven’t ran around on my husband before, but he was neglecting me and a man has his needs.. My needs were about to be met.

Calvin, kissed me aggressively, he pushed my hair back and slipped me his tongue. I felt his Dick pressed against my stomach… He laid me on my back and proceeded to rip off my clothes.
“I am your man right now! I am your daddy! I am your master! You will obey me!” Calvin demanded as my body gave in.

“Yes, Sir!” I said in a moan. I needed this.. I reached up for Calvins pants to take them down.. He stood up and pushed my face towards his dick. It was light and beautiful. I wanted to taste him.
“I want to feel your throat on my dick, boy!” So I took his dick into the back of my throat.. I gagged a little. The more I gagged, the more he forced his dick into my mouth.
“Turn over, boy! Let daddy taste your pussy!” I did what I was told! Calvin tasted my curves, he tongue fucked me deeper and deeper.. I moaned.. I was scared my neighbors would hear me.. Calvin licked and sucked me until I shivered… I moaned loudly… He started to spit in my ass and finger me slowly. I responded by arching my back and backing. My thick frame into him. Someone once said that I was the only black boy he knew with a pink hole…. Calvin enjoyed me.

Calvin’s 6″2 tall and stocky frame stood over me. He commanded my attention. He played with his 9inch dick and position me on my back with my legs up.. His dick knocked on my anal walls twice before he was let in…
“Oh, fuck!” He passionately moaned. “It’s still tight and warm for daddy.”

“Yes, Daddy!” I moan as Calvin slowly plunged into me….
All of my fears of my husband catching me in our bed with Calvin, turned into excitement. I wanted Greg to walk into the house while Calvin was giving me his dick, raw and uncensored. Greg could have watched or joined for all I cared. I just needed Calvin to scratch my spot and send my body into a shaky frenzy.
I was naked, with Calvin’s thick, naked body sweating on me. The deeper his dick dove inside of me, the louder I moaned. Calvin fucked me hard and fast. He never came up for air..
“This pussy is mine boy! This pussy is mine!” He groaned in my ear. I grabbed his neck begging for his lips to kiss mine. Calvin kissed me and started pumping faster.

“Oh shit, nigga! I’m about to nut in you!”

“I want it inside of me Daddy!” I begged! “Give me your nut, please!” A few fast thrusts later, Calvin erupted inside of me. I felt his nut fill my walls. He held me tighter. We were still, panting and sweaty. When he grabbed my dick and started pulling on it.

“Give Daddy, your baby nut!” He continued to pull my dick until I climaxed, Calvin sipped on my cum and kissed me with my juices still in his mouth. “I love you, baby!” He said. I squeezed him tight and whispered,
“I love you too!” The time was flying, but he held me in his arms and I knew it’s where I wanted to be forever. I fell asleep right there beside him. It seemed Like moments later when I heard someone calling my name.
“Madison! Madison!” I awoke to see Greg standing over me. His short frame shook me. “Are you okay?” I jumped up and looked around for a sign of Calvin. Calvin was nowhere in sight. I looked at the clock, 1:13 am. Confused, puzzled and relieved that Greg hadn’t gotten home until 1 am, I smiled as Greg ran to jump in the shower.
“I’m glad you’re safe baby!” I said, turning over towards the wall. Greg ran to jump in the shower, i fingered myself back to sleep.

Next Day!
I rushed to my morning meeting, like most Monday’s, I was running late. All Monday were manic, hence that horrible song that was written by Prince. Downtown traffic was tragic to most millennials. The amount of taxis and car service drivers beeping and passing each other just to sit at a light was pretty much the best way to describe my mornings in New York City.

Dennis, my driver, always seemed to find ways to get around traffic. Today we weren’t as fortunate, I called ahead and pushed my meeting back 30 minutes late. I sat back and enjoyed my Starbucks. A Grande Americano, two extra shots. no sugar. I needed the boost after the weekend I had. I never understood why Greg had to always do laundry on a Sunday and completely ruin my plans to just stay in bed.
When Dennis pulled up to the Paramount building on 55th street, I jumped out of the car and hurried towards the lobby. The black marble in the lobby always reminded me of my loft, clean and gothic. There was a huge fountain inside of the building surrounded by plants, I always imagined pushing the security guards in the fountains and holding them down until they stopped breathing… Well all of the guards except Calvin.
Calvin, was a handsome black man who started working as a concierge a couple of months back. He was tall and dark, with a stocky body. Every time I walked pass him, he looked as if he were raping my in his head. I loved the thought of being raped by him. In my imagination, he knew how to fuck me until my body shivered. And I needed my body to shiver.
“Good Morning, Madison!” Calvin winked. I smiled at him. And said.

“Good Morning, Calvin!”
“Late again!” He smiled!
“Of course, can you find time to bring me some coffee later?” I begged him.

“Sure! 10:30.”

“Thanks!” I said. Walking towards the elevator.

The elevator ride to the 27th floor was always an unhappy one. All I thought about was getting Calvin in my office, having him on my desk and collecting his sperm inside of me. The black elevator doors opened to the 27th floor. I marched out to the huge office full of busy white people at Kelly & Shueman Consultants. We were a Crisis Management and PR agency. One of the best in New York.
My job was a little difficult. I had a flare for covering up some mistakes made by large corporations. Mostly minor mistakes, like oil spills, embezzlements, murders.. You know, small stuff. Either way, they paid me to do my job. And have fun doing it.
“Madison!” I heard Stephen calling me. I happily ignored him. Stephen is a new Summer intern, he got on my fucking nerves with his Ivy League bullshit. “Madison!” I turned around.
“Good morning, Steve!” I forced a smile, still walking into my office.
“Mr. Kelly wanted me to give you this briefing before your 9 o’ clock, which is now your 9:30!” He quipped! I looked at the folder he handed to me.

“Thank You, Stephen!” I said. “Is everyone in the boardroom?” I asked pacing back and forth.
“They are! Waiting for you!” He laughed.

“Okay! Where are we?” I asked!

“Right now, it’s hard to tell!” Stephen said. “But I think you should know, Mayor Jefferson is your 9:30!”

Usually, when we get new clients, I don’t always know ahead of time who I’m seeing.
“The Mayor is here?” I asked. The shock was written all over the face MAC cosmetics had created this morning. Stephen shook his head in confirmation.
Mayor Frank Jefferson, has been in hot water after his last scandal, and there have been a few. The first scandal involved a mistress who allegedly bore his child. The second scandal that’s still remains fresh in the minds of New Yorkers, involves the Mayor asking businesses for money to fund his campaign. This is against the law, as the business may have personal matters with the city, which can serve is a conflict of interests for city officials.
With the last few crisis still fresh in everyone’s mind, as his mistress just gave birth four months ago and we are waiting for a paternity test. I am a little afraid of what I am about to walk in on.
“I will be right in, I just need a moment!” I said.

“A Whiskey moment?” He asked!

“Bourbon!” I smiled. Sipping from my Americano.

Stephen left the room and my iPhone buzzed! It was Calvin.
“Mayb we should skip coffee n go to lunch!” He texted. I smiled. I looked over my bright office. I gazed at my degrees and out the window to the city below. The sun was especially high and bright today. I imagined Greg just arriving at work and his restless body dealing with clients all day.

“I don’t eat in front of people!” I texted Calvin.

“I wanted to do the eating! :)” he texted back. My body shivered. I took a deep breath and walked out of my office. I walked down the hallway thinking about Calvin and how the other night could have been a dream that I have been waiting to happen for too long.. It couldn’t have happened at my apartment, I’m sure I would have gotten caught. But his teeth marks were still on my body. I could still feel him inside of me. I still get wet thinking about him. And this morning, his dick certainly showed how much he missed me.

The huge conference room. Was filled was three members of my team and six members of the mayor’s team. This must have been big. I walked through the glass door to the conference room and Greeted our Mayor.

“Madison!” Mayor Jefferson said. “Finally!” He got up to greet me! “You have no idea how happy I am to see you!”

“How are you today ,Sir?” I asked.

“I could be better, but I think you guys can help me with that!” He said not wasting any time. We not took a seat at the table.

“I was just filling your team in on our little issue. Hopefully, this is something you guys can clear up and handle for me. I know how you all work, and your history with the Mayors office has been immaculate.” The mayor had a habit of rambling when he was nervous. Which meant this was big.
“Madison, brace yourself!” Keri said. Keri was a beautiful redhead who worked for our firm, possibly the best investigator I had ever met. She was thorough and reminded me of Cynthia Nixon from Sex And the City.
Also on my team was Nathan, a Harvard Graduate and a super attorney. As a Black male, Nathan was born angry and it showed with every case we had gotten. He handled people the way he handled people in the street. He was aggressive and blunt. He and Keri hated each other inside the office. Outside, they were having a fling that everyone pretended not to know about. Nathan was a tall and slim guy, he wasn’t intimidating until he spoke, which made him a wild card.

Then there was my absolute favorite person on my team. Adam was a Philipino gay male. He had the most wicked style and he was born and raised in the Bronx. Adam was straight from the hood, and you knew it by the way he spoke to you. He’s that loud, black gay friend that every girl needs in her pocketbook.
“The child is mine!” The Mayor started, “and she’s going to take me for child support and full custody!” Although I was not surprised that the child was his, I am a little surprised that he hasn’t paid her off already! “She has lawyers and she’s ready to write a tell-all about our affairs!” There was a complete silence in the room. All eyes were on me. The Mayors Lawyers and staffers were all just waiting to see if I had anything to say.
“How long do we have before the news come out?” I asked!
“She’s booked to sit down with someone this week!” Keri said.

“Sit down with whom?” I asked.

“Heidi Burndig!” Keri said! I paused and looked at Mayor Jeffersons lawyer! “I’m sorry, but what is it that you would like me to do, that your lawyers cannot do?” I asked. “Did you try to reason with her? Slap her with a gag order? Pay her off or give her what she wants? It doesn’t seem like you want anything to do with this child.” I said.

“I have a family. I have a wife and three kids. My oldest is just finishing college.”

“The same wife and kids you had when you started your affair.”

“Madison, we’ve all had our share of infidelity!” He cautioned me with a look on his eyes. I knew what he was hinting at. “We’ve all have helped each other out of situations. I am asking you as a friend, not as your Mayor, help me out of this situation.” I surveyed the room. My team and the Mayors team were all looking at the exchange between me and the mayor. I got up from the table.
“Can you guys wait in the hallway, I want to talk to Frank alone!” Frank’s team looked at him as he signaled for them to leave. His team followed suit and my team left as well.

I approached Frank with a harsh whispered tone.
“Let’s cut the bullshit Frank.” I said. “You knew that child was yours.”

“I wasn’t sure the child was mine. I wanted to wait for the test.”

“Can you imagine what we drama we could have avoided

“She won’t even talk to me.” Frank said.. He wiped his forehead and took a breath. There was a short moment of reflection.
The woman he was speaking about was Amanda Sterling, the mistress and his child’s mother. Amanda worked for The Mayors office as Frank’s Assistant. She kept his books two years, but their affair started way before he was elected as mayor.
“She hasn’t called me at all. I’m so used to hearing from her lawyers, I almost forgot what her voice sounded like.”

“She’s probably upset right now. You’d have to give her more time to contact you.”

“There’s got to be something that you can do!” Frank said. “You have to reason with her before this bullshit ruins my life!” “What makes you think that I can reason with her?” I asked.

“Because I know you can!” I stood up and begin to walk to the conference room doors. I stopped and looked at Frank.
“I will do my best!” I said. I walked into the fowler from the conference room where Frank’s people and my team were assembled. “Meet me at the Mayors Office in Three hours!” I said to the team. “Adam, come with me!” Adam looked at Keri in confusion and followed me. I walked into my office and sat at my desk. Adam was not far behind.

“What’s the plan?” Adam asked sitting down in the brown leather chair in front of my desk.
“We are going to visit Angela!” I said. Adam laughed and then giggled and then the shock came over his face.

“Wait… You’re serious?” He asked.

“Dead serious!” I said. “Get us an Uber to Edgewater!”

Edgewater, New Jersey

We pulled up to the brick townhouse that over looked the river. The sun bounced and danced on the water as the birds sang and flew effortlessly on the wind. I spotted Angela’s new black BMW outside of the house. I’ve never really been good at just dropping by to say hi. In this case, The visit was much more than a “hi!” This was the part of my job that I absolutely hated…


Adam and I walked up to the house and rang the doorbell.. It took a few minutes but Angela came to the door wearing a nice black and white striped dress. It was tight at the bust and flared out at like a bell at the bottom. She work high white Loubutin heels. The type a teenage girl dreamed about wearing as an older adult.

Angela had come a long way from her humbled beginnings in New Jersey. She was the runt of the litter as a child. Her siblings were always bigger than her and a little more curvy. At 5″4, Her light complexion and high cheekbones; Angela was a pistol with a lot of attitude.
She worked her way through college, earning a degree in finance and a law degree. She greeted me.
“Let me guess, Frank told you the wonderful news!” She smiled with sarcasm.. Gotta love a woman who could start a conversation with sarcasm. She stood on her door way.
“Are you gonna let me in?” I asked.
“I’m thinking about it!” She said welcoming me in. “You seriously bought Adam with you?” She asked.

“Well, yes!” I smiled!

“Hello to you too, Angie!” Adam yelled!

“Not today Adam!”

We all sat in Angela’s living room where we were surrounded by pictures of family and friends on mantles and tables. Angela’s favorite artists took up most of the wall space.
“Oh God!” I said, you still have this picture?” I smiled! She laughed.

“Yes, Justin found these the other day in the basement! It’s his favorite!” She laughed. “He misses you!”
“Angie, why didn’t you tell me about the baby?” I asked.

“Because it’s conflict of interest.” She responded.

“Because I represent Frank?” I asked!

“That’s and because you are my best friend!” She said. “Besides, I remember when the news broke that I was his mistress, you almost destroyed my character in the media.”
“It wasn’t personal, I was doing my job!”

“It was your fault that he and I even met in the first place!”


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