New Post Tonight!!! But here is the Tea!


I was drafting my new post today and decided to write this message first. The next post took a very long time to write. Almost two weeks. Life is a bit chaotic right now with work and school. My social life is at a stand-still as I am trying to figure out the next step and chapter of my life.

Understand that exhaustion is real!! I once said that I thought that exhaustion was something that only celebrities were hospitalized for. I can honestly see how someone could work themselves into the ground and end up with literally no strength at all. I found this out the hardest way.

No details in this post. Tonight’s post will have all of the details. But here is a preview..

A few weeks ago, I suffered from Pneumonia. The pneumonia; was a result of me ignoring doctors orders to stay in bed after getting bronchitis, with a mild infection in my lungs. I was at work one day unable to breathe with my back aching. That weekend, I still managed to go to Medieval Times because I had never gone and wanted to experience it. I had so much fun. But that night, I felt like horse shit. My breathing, my voice, my body was shot. I ended up in the emergency room getting shots of cortisone and oxygen… The message was clear. I needed to rest.

When your body is worn out, your body sends you signals. It lets you know that it needs to rest. I had no choice to stay in bed and take steroids and antibiotics. The steroids and bed rest made me gain 10 pounds. When I returned to work, I was so embarrassed to return a few pounds heavier. I went back into my shell, I covered up the weight gain by adding more layers to my clothing. I contoured my face so that it looked smaller. Nothing worked. I still knew that I was fatter and so did my co-workers.

“You gained weight!”

“What happened?”

These comments made my eyes roll. Only two women in my department had something nice to say. “You look healthier, some people aren’t meant to be thin.”

I am still writing. I am still working and I am still in school. But I needed a small break.

To be continued…… Later

Zozo Kisses!


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