Confidence and Who is Justice? : My conversation with Dr. Gajera

My Zoloft Diaries

August 12th

“So It looks like you’ve lost a bit of weight!’ Dr. Gajera said as we both entered his office. He sat down in his chair and fixed his tie.

Just a little bit of weight. Not a lot!” I said adjusting myself in the chair. I placed my arms around my belly to hold myself. I hadn’t seen Dr. Gajera in a while. I missed my last schedule appointment because there was a lot going on in my life and the appointment completely slipped my mind.

Today was really to catch up with each other after my breakdown in June. I was afraid of telling him about July 14th. Actually, I didn’t tell anyone about July 14h. That will remain between me and myself. Today, I seemed very calm. He pointed that out immediately. My voice was softer and my thoughts seemed organized.

“Okay,was the weight…

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