to Seth… With love 

Dear Seth,
I love you! You are the man I dream about.. The guy I’m seeing sort of reminds me of you…. Sort of.. Well, he’s Jewish and scruffy… Okay, whatever.. But I’ve loved you since the first day I paid $10 for a movie ticket to watch one of your horrible movies. Well, actually Christina purchase the ticket.. But Does that matter? It’s okay that our relationship is based on a lie.. You are not the best actor in the world. You’re kinda funny.. In “this is the end” I wanted so badly to be James Franco when you cuddled with him… And I wanted to be James Franco on the “Bound 2″parody. Actually, if I have to be James Franco just to touch you, that would be awesome… If this letter ever finds you… Just know that I am somewhere holding my pillow tight dreaming about your hot, thick, hairy body next to mine. 
Love me!!! 



One Comment Add yours

  1. Darell Grant says:

    Seriously! Stop trying to make fetch happen…


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