It’s safe to say that I’ve gone crazy, but we’re in love. People believe that it’s weird because we are only in love in my head. But that’s the safest place to fall in love. In my world, I’ve created a special place for us. A place where no one questions our union. Where I am just me, and He is just HE. He accepts all of my quirks and clumsiness. I make fun of how he raises his eyebrows when he’s caught off guard. I all him “Sweetie” and he calls me “Silly.”

In our world, we live in New York City on the weekends, and we stay at my place during the week. We travel to D.C some weekends just to get away. He leaves me sweet text messages throughout the day to let me know he misses me. I send him flowers for his desk every week.

At night, we come home, he picks up the mail and goes through it. I start dinner as he hops into the shower. When he gets out of the shower, I hand him a beer. He opens his laptop and starts to do some work on it until I call him for dinner. He loves dinner. He expresses how much he enjoys dinner and helps me with the dishes.

When I am done in the shower; I find him sitting up in bed reading a good book. He tells me he’s read it over a hundred times, and it’s his favorite book. He tells me all about the book. His eyes light up with excitement. He’s like a child on Christmas day. Bedtime comes, and we lay. We talk. I drift. I’m special, I feel wanted. At this moment, we are perfect. All of my past relationships never existed. For, he has loved me forever and always…

I dream. I’m safe.. because it was all a dream. You can’t get hurt in dreams. Nothing can touch you. The hurt comes when you wake up, and it’s not real….



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