I have a stigmatism; my eyeballs are the shape of footballs. I am far-sighted in one eye and near-sighted in the other. I also happen to be color-blind. This means that I cannot tell the difference between some colors and/or my eyes and brain doesn’t always recognize some colors correctly. In some instances, I’ve perceived objects a lot differently than others I know; which basically can cause a disagreement.

For example, a month ago a black and blue dress caused quite a stir when people started viewing it as white and gold. It wasn’t until we learned that the lighting changed the color on the dress.

Why is this so important? This is important because life is all about perspective. We judge things, people, places, etc based on our perspective.

I am a black gay male..

To some, I am handsome and attractive.  To others, I am dumb and ugly.  To society, I am a triple minority and a statistic. To some, I have so much potential and a lot going for myself.

To myself, I am a black gay… Me!  That’s pretty much it. I do not identify solely as one gender, but that is how I identify myself. Not all people will feel the same way as I do and that’s fine. Here is where perspective gets tricky.

If you are a person on the outside looking into my life, you would most likely judge me and think that I am crazy. You might think that I have no sense of who I really am and that I may need to go to church and pray about it.

But what if I told you that I didn’t believe in God?  Am I then an atheist or am I now just as crazy for not sharing the same faith?

The majority of us are watching what’s going on in Baltimore thinking, WOW! This is so tragic! Some of us are thinking, these people are rioting and being violent, but Black Lives Matter? Yes, black lives matter… All lives do. However, there is always a better way to get a point across.

I wrote on my Facebook that I will not partake in this part-time activism because it’s bullshit. Am I wrong?

It’s all about perspective. Here is my Perspective. It is perfectly okay to believe in  hash tags #blacklivesmatter and wave the human rights flag when it is your people being oppressed. But black people forget one thing, When White people aren’t killing us (Which happens every day) we are killing each other and posting it on every social network site that we can. Am I wrong? NO THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR POLICE OFFERS KILLING OUR BLACK MEN…. BUT SERIOUSLY…

When was the last time you were on World Star and actually seen some uplifting footage?  I’ll wait!!!! Until then, please read on.

I read an article where gays were condemning the riots in Baltimore and were called out as hypocrites. What the author refuses to understand is, Gays are killed for being themselves everyday.. We cannot walk down the block hand and hand happy with our mates without someone being “offended” If I wanted to marry my partner, I would have to wait for the government to say that it is okay. I am not welcomed into any church without some bible loving hypocrite (ALL CHRISTIANS ARE HYPOCRITES) telling me that I am going to hell. But understand this; gays aren’t rioting for equal rights… We are not burning down shops and trashing police cars. We are not attaching each other in the streets… (Wait…. Well….okay moving on)

Recently, Bruce Jenner stated that he was a transgendered woman. This confession was met with a lot of backlash, mainly from the black community. Meme after meme, Wendy Williams, The Breakfast Club, Saturday Night Live, Hot 97 New York, etc decided to make sure they voiced with ignorance how they felt about Jenner’s confession. And Jenner is not the only Trans person who has been affected by this backlash. Laverne Cox and Online personality B.Scott has been the object of public scrutiny as well.

How can a community ask for the public to believe that their lives matter, when they are always willing to bash others? The same radio stations are asking for prayers and understanding to go out to Baltimore. I’m sorry, but this rubs me the wrong way… Yes, in the eyes of some, being black is like being a Super villain. But so is being gay. Being any sort of different is considered an abomination in some way.

When it comes to perspective, people see what they want to see. People fight for what they want to fight for. But you cannot fight for human rights without fighting for all humans. Black People, please remember that there are some gays in the streets rioting with you. Whether or not you decide to see them or recognize it, we are all living the same struggle. This is a human struggle of being different from the majority. For being judged for things that we have had no power to control. So if I decide to sit this Social Network hash tag fest out, forgive me. My perspective on which lives matters the most has changed slightly. I have decided that all lives matter, but I refuse to stand behind riots and hypocrisy. I refuse to watch people ask for prayers, just to repost viral World Star videos next week. I refuse to be part of a problem.

I refuse to let ignorance cloud my perspective…. Am I wrong?

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