No quiero saber de más problemas ya,

So when I was a kid, I was obsessed  with Selena. I thought she was so beautiful and talented.. My earliest memory of Selena; I was watching the Video Music Box and I was waiting for a Michael Jackson video to come on, but the program kept playing Selena videos back to back… “La Carcacha” and “Amor Prohibito”  


 kept coming on… But the song that continued to play over and over again was “Donde Quiera Que Estes”  which was a video with Selena and Barrio Boys.. 

The day Selena died, also marked the day that my mothers friend Esther passed on from a heart attack… I remember my cousin Bam-Bam coming outside to get my sister and I to break the bad news to us… We sat inside watching television and there was news coverage of Selena’s death everywhere. It was on every channel. We couldn’t escape it!!! 

Selena meant a lot to a lot of people. She was graceful and genuine. She was a great talent and not a snob.. She wasn’t a Beyoncé. Selena knew that she was amazing and she never tried to be anything else. She was always herself…. She was never a diva. 

Unfortunately, Selena did not live to see  her career reach the heights she would reach after her death. Her life was cut short at the age of 23…but her legend lives on. Her beauty lives on. Her music lives on… And because we love her so much…… Selena lives… 

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