Fear of Falling

None of your flaws make me not want to pursue you

It’s me. It’s all me
I’ve been so screwed up and taken advantaged of by this thing you call love
That I promised not to love again.
But there you are
I’m still tempted to say I love you when you call
I’m still tempted to call you my baby when I hold you
And yet, the world seems to believe that we are together
I don’t deny… I don’t confirm
I don’t even know what I think
I feel that you were mine when you continued to make yourself available
I feel that you were mine when I stopped responding and that just did not work for you
I feel that you were mine when I made love to you without touching you at all, but our thoughts did the penetrating and mind heart climaxed
You saw me
You saw the bad in me
You called me an asshole for not caring
You made me feel worthless for not being open in ways that I’ve been in the past
Then you made me want to hate myself for shutting my heart down as I’ve once promised
I’d never do
I’ve tasted you
Your essence remains on my lips
I’ve held you and made love to you
You hips welcomed m heart
My heart welcomed your thoughts
Your dreams
You wants and needs
And they became mine,
We were one
I might have created you one night while I was sleeping next to someone else
But when I envisioned you
When I sought to create life
When I sought to create your spirit
I at no point created a way out
So I’m stuck
I’m stuck in love with no solution
No alternatives
No safety nets
No parachutes
Just fear
This fear of flying has led to this fear of now falling after taken flight
And I am falling.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Darell Grant says:

    If you’re too afraid to fly, you’ll never land dahling!

    …I might gave creating you, while sleeping next to someone else…that’s too fuckin deep right now!
    Loves it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lol… i was feeling it…. but who hasn’t thought of thst special mate while lying next to someone

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Darell Grant says:

        When for me, it’s a plethora of penises, it’s hard to pick one. No but on a serious note, I truly understand. What u need to understand is you will indeed find a better happiness. Its there waiting for u love


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