Dear Zofties,

I’m hoping that this is my last entry being sad or talking about disappointment. I don’t want to write another blog where I am talking about feeling lonely, feeling neglected or abandoned. I don’t want to talk about my father or how much I hate his family. I do not want to spend another moment wasting my time on other people.

So here’s this… as I type this, i am resetting my iPhone without the thought of syncing my contacts to my phone. As of right now, I only know four numbers by heart, Christina, whose had the same number since 2001… I only know my sister’s number because she’s my sister. I have Akish’s number. Kish acts as my alarm clock every morning. And my co-worker Kisha, because she’d stab me if i didn’t have her number…
From this day forward, everyone else will have to prove that they deserve to be in my contact list. That’s pretty much where I am.

I will no longer tolerate inconsistency. I will no longer talk to people who only want something from me, those people have been blocked from contacting me on social media. So with the post of this entry, I will leave it up to everyone to figure out who they are and what role they play in my life. This is my book, i am the writer and I have the power to write anyone off without feeling affected. What I write and how I write your character is all up to you. From this day on, I’m done with people.

I was watching this Tyler Perry movie (I’m not a Tyler Perry fan) Tamela Mann gave Angela Bassett an envelope of money because she was down and out. Angela said, “This is the nicest thing anybody’s ever done for me.” and Tamela responded by saying,
“Oh, then you need new friends.”

I found myself agreeing with that thought. Its something Christina has been saying forever, but I’ve never wanted to pick my friends based on credit scores and bank accounts. That’s not who I am. But the way I’ve chosen my friends hasn’t gotten me anywhere. So, I will be a little wiser from now on…


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