Hey Zofties

I have to admit that there are times when I feel like a failure.
When I think of the fact that I couldn’t get anyone to love for more than a year and a few months. I was so close this time I guess., and I just think, if I’d only just stayed home more, cleaned more… Acted like an adult and not needed to feel like I needed to let go at times.. he’d still be here…

Then Christina would remind me that The relationship I was in was good for a moment but it wasn’t the relationship I was supposed to be in… Then I have to be reminded that I am not a hard person to love.. There have been people in my life who have loved me for years and years… Even thought they take a break at times, it doesn’t mean that they leave and don’t love me.
But real love is unconditional…, it’s supposed to be….
Deep down, I’m a simple person.. I’m great at communicating. I make sure I let people know how to handle me…

My sister told me to write a letter to my ex, thanking him.. Not sure if I will.
I thought it would be cool one day, but I haven’t decided on what would be in the letter yet.. I’d rather write it to him , than to write it publicly..,

It will go something like


Thank you for giving me myself back…

Everything else, is between he and I.



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