The Other Woman

Hey Zofties,

Has anyone seen the movie “The Other Woman” Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann were in the movie…
There’s this song in the movie by Brit Nicole called “The Sun is Rising” and it’s become one of my favorites.. There’s a scene near the end of the movie where the women are walking on the beach and this song is playing…

I mention that because last night, Darell and Denisha came over to my place and we had fun. Like, drinks, food, movies and dirty games. (Smiles)
Then the Champagne came out.. I wanted to almost re-create New Years.. I didn’t get the chance to spend the holidays with anyone I loved.. So the toast became an emotional ball game… (Darell cried)…


I’ve known Darell for years, so I’m used to him being emotional.. Even though Denisha and I rag on him at times, we appreciate his availability emotionally. We understand that the heart holds emotions that are too strong to keep bottled up. Although Denisha and I can be cold as ice at times… Last night, was not one of those times…

I remember when the three of us would sit in the kitchen and have out round table discussions. We’d be open and honest with one another. Last night was one of those nights…

There was a huge sense of home and healing.. We had to come to term with a few things… Some things are inevitable and there are things that we wish that we could change. It sucks and as much as we hate to acknowledge these things, they are still going to happen.

Whether it’s Darell sobriety, Denisha illness or my loneliness. We were able to be there for each other.
And I thank them for the chance to have one night…

It was amazing…



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Darell Grant says:

    Just read this. Aww you love me! And i will never let u forget it! I love u too!


      1. Darell Grant says:

        Ur such butthole
        Don’t ever change!


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