Happy Ending

Hey Zofties,

Needless to say, I’ve been adjusting and also planning my life. My next move. I’ve had a pretty crazy weekend and now a chaotic week so far. I haven’t really slept or eaten in the last few days. Not because I’m sad or lonely, but I haven’t felt like it.

As much as I am ready to live and learn new things and turn this blog around into a gay Sex and The City blog… It’s not time yet.. This chapter isn’t done… This book isn’t done yet.. I still have so much to do. There has to be a happy ending… After all of the sadness and lessons in this blog, there has to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

I wondered. “Can we write our own happy endings?” Even if the happy ending is a lie, can we falsely tell others that we have succeed above all expectations? Even if it is nothing but fluff…. My intentions were always to be real and not a made for TV movie.

If I were to write my happy ending, it would start something like..

Today, I sent my my query letter to a few literary agents and I’m a little nervous. I’m sure that I am going to hear a lot of “No’s” but I have to try to become that person I see every night when I go to sleep. Everyday, I find myself getting closer to that weight, that nose, those teeth… And hair.
I can’t believe my book is ready to be published. It seems like yesterday that I had started writing. Regardless of anything that happens with the query letter or literary agent, I am proud of myself for completing this..

It’s the best happy ending, but there’s hope in this happy ending. It also gives way for a new beginning….

Have a great day Zofties.

JπŸ’‹πŸ’‹ zozo kisses on Fleek… I have no idea what that means by the way…


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