A Letter to My Father

Dear Arthur Thomas McMillan

I’m very certain that this letter will never find you since you have no interest in reading what I have to say. However, I am going to humor myself and believe that you are somewhere drunk, reading this surrounded by absolutely no one but your family. (They would be the ones to bring this to your attention)

There are a few things on my mind and I wanted to clear the air for a moment. I have been writing a book about my life and my life would not be complete without adding a few of your shenanigans.

In all honestly, I’m writing this letter to let you and your family know that starting today, I am letting you go.. So maybe you can let you mother know this as well. I know she still believes she’s my grandmother. That’s probably because your punk ass never told her the stupid ass story you told me about someone else being my father. Either way, it had me thinking that, since you refuse to acknowledge me as your son, then I will now refuse to acknowledge you and your family, including my brothers.

Now, here’s what pissed me off about you. I refused to tolerate the way you continue to disrespect my mother. Here’s why; my mother has NEVER said anything remotely disrespectful about you… Trust me, she has a lot of material to go on. However, she has never said anything horrible about you and yet you continue to call her out of her name, and tell people horrible things about her. I remember, being a kid and my mother taking care of you, even when you were in and out of rehab. I remember my mother putting up with your bullshit when you were in the streets all night getting high out of your mind. The nights you didn’t come home because you were out fucking someone else, my mother was okay with you coming back to food on the table and a warm place to sleep. This is the same woman who you continue to beat down. The same person who you’ve stolen from to support your habit. And yet you claim that she was the worst thing that has ever happened to You. Isn’t it ironic???? I refuse to listen to you or that bitch you call a mother speak badly about my mother (How do you like the name calling?)

Now the story that you and your mother love to tell, is the fairytale of how my mother stole you from your wife and made you do drugs…. As much as I would love to believe that… I know you… I know that you are a bitter stubborn mouthed .. I also know that no one could make you do anything…. So I don’t believe that my mother made you do drugs… Especially since, I know that my mother has had an issue with drugs before I was born. However, all that I’ve ever seen my mother touch when I was a kid was maybe a cigarette and a joint.
As far as the sex, it takes two to fuck.. (Unless it’s a threesome.) Usually the dick has too be hard to fuck… All I’m saying is, you have a dick… My mother….Doesn’t… (Obviously!) So, I will not listen to the stories of your marriage ending being mine and my mothers fault… (by the way, Jamal… According to grandma… That’s why you resent me… If it’s true.. I’m sorry! I never asked to be here)

But back to the Douche bag father..

Hey Arthur, remember the many times you stole rent money for drugs and that resulted to your kids being on the street???
Hey Arthur! Remember the many time you stole all electronics in the house, so Denisha and I were afraid to ask for crap for Christmas?
Hey Arthur!
Remember when you needed a hit so fucking bad and you went as far as to blame a 12 year old ( me) for stealing your Meth!?
Remember when you had that sick bitch Dawn, (no pun intended.. You know cancer isn’t funny) stalk me on Facebook? As desperate and dumb that was of her, that’s your pussy… Have fun with the crazy bitch!

It’s hilarious how your mother rags on me all the time because she wants me to be like you…. And you know… Not gay!
Please let her know that I am a lot like you. (Except for the gay thing…)
Like you, I also push your family away because I can see them for who they are at times.
Like you, I can’t seem to keep my dick in my pants…. Or my ass, depending upon the man.(not convinced you aren’t gay)
Like you, I’m an awesome manipulator as well.
Like you, I have no respect for anyone other than myself, however I am charismatic enough to pass as if I am respectful so people love me… Even though I seriously hate people.

See “Butter” I’m like you in so many ways… Your mother can die knowing that she’s got her way. (once again… Except for the gay thing.. She can take that as a loss)

However, unlike you I own up to my mistakes. I take care of my responsibilities..
I don’t sleep with women (cause I’m gay) I do not get women pregnant and then get rid of them forcing them to raise their kids alone…. Aren’t you on Victim… I’m sorry, child number 6 now?

My problem isn’t that you told your family some dumb ass story about my sister not being your daughter… My issue is that you made up some story about a DNA test. My problem is that your family makes excuses for your bullshit. And for a moment they almost made me turn on my sister…

So from this day on, I need you and your family to know that I choose my family. The family I was raised with. The mother and sister who have always been here for me even in times they could not afford to be here… I choose them… And since you and your family are so happy with just letting things go and not making things right, please know that I will no longer try to have a relationship with any of you. Since I am not your son, they are not my family!!! (However, I still adore and love my Uncle Larry…I am obsessed with loving that man)

At one point in my life, I actually loved you… But as an adult, it’s so hard to love someone you have no respect for..

Oh yeah! You suck as a man… Because you aren’t a man!

Mr. Fabulous


One Comment Add yours

  1. Darell Grant says:

    Wow, i love when a Plastic vents! Yea Arthur is a dipshit! I cant imagine all the shit you didnt put in this letter to him. Wow, hes the fuckin worse! What i do not understand is why you and my person? What the fuck did yall do? I have been witness to your mom taking care of him, now shes trash, what does that make him? FUCK HIM DAHLING RIGHT IN HIS STR8 BOY ASSHOLE…THE BEST KIND!!!


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