The lovely Blog award


Hey Zofties,
I’m not sure how this works, but I would love to thank Darell ( ) for the nomination….

I know I have to write 7 things about myself… So here it goes…

7) my favorite colors are Black and Pink…

6) I am obsessed with Hello Kitty! Which can get a little weird in public. Especially when I’m out shopping in toys stores and I’m playing with Hello Kitty among a sea of 5 year old girls… (Stranger Danger)

5) I am seriously afraid of cemeteries, churches and snakes.. But embarrassingly, I’m afraid of Grand Central Station in New York City.. (Long story)

4) Janet Jackson is my idol! In my head, she’s my mother and she gave me up for adoption when I was born…

3) I only have a handful of friends who have known me since I was a kid. (Christina, Jonathan, Darell, my sister and unfortunately that’s it!) I don’t really have a lot of friends.

2) I was in an abusive relationship for a year and a half.. After the relationship, I went into the worst depression where I tried to kill myself.

1) I am working on 4 different projects that I’m trying to have self- published!!!

Thanks again!!!!

I want to nominate StoryTime with John

I love his blog…. He’s awesome!!!
Zozo kisses


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Darell Grant says:

    Grand central? Really, youre such a shitfuck! You need to blog bout that abusive relationship dahling, you and mariah with these side effects! Love u


  2. Darell Grant says:

    When is a winner announced?


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