zoloft update

hey Zofties,
lets talk

so i will admit that zoloft made me happier. Actually on certain days when i needed the extra boost, it was amazing.. It gave me energy and it made me extremely nicer than usual.
I’m only mentioning it because, i’ve been off of it for a while now, and i can see the difference. The way I handle people now is extremely different. Lately, I haven’t been speaking to anyone at work, except Kisha and Kish. Thats only because I kinda hate everyone else. Yes, even my boss. I don’t know why… but i do. They annoy the fuck out of me.
i guess that’s normal since i spend a lot of time at work and i can see the personalities of theres clear.
For instance, I don’t feel like its my job to tell someone to do their jobs, however, I work with a few people who refuse to do their jobs, and since management sucks…. nothing is being done about it.
I’ve refrain from speaking to those people.. I have nothing to say to them. I understand that some people may not want to be there, but while you’re at a job, do your fucking job until you find something else. Granted, i hate my job, but until i find something else, i walk in and do my job and leave.
I do not get paid to sit there and do nothing. I don’t get paid to entertain bitches and i wont… just saying

anyway.. that was my rant for today…

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