slide to unlock (we are all iPhones)

hey zofies

i was just thinking about the picture that i posted in my last post.

i was in a very analytical state earlier, but it didn’t make sense until i said it out loud

Usually at 5:00 PM, its the end of the day and I’m so spent from listening to people bitch and complain about stupid shit. I ususally need to recharge my battery.

Its usually at this time that i’m practically laid out at my desk and I literally shut down emotionally and physically, i becone unavaliable to me. Usually at this time, Kisha has to nudge me to ask me a question….

I thought this picture was a real modern way of seeing how people operate.

forget about this may be the way to operate your phone.

The telephone is an emotion-less device. Unfortunately, the only wway to use the device to reach anyone for  emotion, you have to slide to unlock it. so aren’t we all like iphones in a way. We upgrade ever so often,  we shut down at the worst times. we obviously need to recharge too often… and we become emotionally unavailable devices, in which people have to  now “thumb” us to react to something…  guess it’s safe to say that we are all iphones…

zozo kisses on withdrawal



One Comment Add yours

  1. Darell Grant says:

    Good analogy dahling
    Very Carrie Bradshaw!

    Liked by 1 person

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