a love story

stand out

“I believe we can pull this prom off. The budget is a little touchy, but I’m sure that we can make it work.” Justice said looking his peers in their eyes. He stood and delivered his presentation to the group members of the non-profit organization that he was working with. “If we are successful this could be this projects first LGBT prom.” He said to a huge applause and hollers. The smiles on their faces were more than enough to encourage Justice that he was in the right position, even if it didn’t pay. “Okay you guys, let’s call this a wrap.” Justice said as he dismissed the members.
“Good work Justice.” Treyvon, the program director said to Justice. “You’re definitely showing your skills. I’m going to need you to help me with a few projects. Make sure you see me later.” Treyvon said. Justice smiled as he walked away from the meeting in the back study area. He flipped his crinkled dreadlock extensions and walked into the community room where most of the members were already talking and playing video games. Justice looked at his friends and walked over to Natalie. Natalie was the only female who attended a program that was started for men only. However, Natalie was probably the only person in the whole entire group who Justice was genuinely friends with other than two other people.
“Justice, are you going to the Prom?” Natalie asked Justice. She was sitting on the floor with her best friend Noel. Noel was hands down one of the cutest guys in the program. He was four years younger than Justice. Justice had a secret crush on Noel; something that Justice would never admit. Not even to his best friend.
“I thought about going, but I don’t think I’m going.” Justice said. “I don’t have a date, so I don’t really wanna go. Besides, I’m happy just helping out.” Natalie looked at Noel and said to Justice.
“Well why you don’t take Noel to the prom?” Noel looked up at Natalie smiling then at Justice. Justice started to feel like he was being set up.
“Well, I don’t think Noel wants to go with me.” Justice said. “He has a boyfriend.”
“He isn’t going with his boyfriend.” Natalie said to Justice. “His boyfriend is being an ass. So Noel needs a date.” Natalie said.
“Oh, wow that’s sucks!” Justice smiled. “Maybe he would come around.” Noel looked down still smiling, nervously. “Besides I’m not sure if he wants to go with me.”
“He wants to go with you.” Natalie almost yelled.
“Well, damn Nat. I can ask him.” Noel said laughing.
“You ain’t saying shit. Damn, I’m trying to help you out.” Natalie said. Justice just smiled and giggled along.
“Wait, do you wanna go with me?” Justice asked Noel.
“Well I was going to ask you but I wasn’t sure if you would want to go with me.” Noel said. Justice was taken aback. This attractive guy was a little nervous about approaching me. It seemed endearing.
“I would love to go with you.” Justice smiled and said.
“Okay.” Noel said smiling.
“Awww. That’s cute! Now I need a date.” Natalie said. I laughed and got off the floor and grabbed my back and left to run and catch my 7 am class at the New Jersey City University.

As the days and the weeks went by, Justice started to spend more time with Noel. Justice and Noel would call each other everyday after they would leave each other and talk on the phone until 4 in the morning. They would talk about everything. Noel knew Justice liked him and the feeling was mutual. Of course, Justice had known about Noels’ inactive boyfriend; however, at this time Justice was convinced that he and Noel could be friends and friends only. But by the time Noels’ birthday rolled around, Justice was already falling head¬-first in love with Noel.
Justice had taken Noel out the whole entire week of his birthday and treated him to breakfast, lunch and dinner. But it was the night of Noels’ party that Justice realized exactly how much he loved Noel.
They were leaving a club in Jersey City, and Noel had decided to go home with Justice. That night they slept side by side for the first time.
Noel was on one side of the bed towards the wall and Justice was on the opposite. They talked and laughed until Noel started to fall asleep. Thoughts ran through Justices’ head. When his nerves started to get the best of him; Justice started to shake. He really couldn’t believe that Noel was lying next to him. Justice wanted to hold Noel, but couldn’t bring himself to do it. What if Noel didn’t want Justice to touch him? Surely Noel would have said something if he wanted to be touched. There would be some sign somewhere.
Noel moved over closer to Justice and turned towards him. Justice was now face to face with Noel. He looked at the moonlight on Noels face and seen how beautiful his eyelashes were. Justices’ breathing started to get heavier and his heart started to pound in his chest. Noel then opened his eyes and looked into Justices’ eyes. Justice heart started racing as Noel started to move closer. There was simply no turning back as Justice reached his arm out to Noel bringing him into his arms. Justice finally kissed him for the first time. Justice had dreamed of this very moment for the month and a half that he and Noel had been seeing each other. But this moment was far beyond what he had ever imagined.
Oh shit! I kissed Noel! Justice thoughts seemed to keep saying over and over again. As Justice and Noel kissed each other heavier and deeper; Justice placed Noel on top of him and Noel let out a soft moan. They continued kissing and before the two of them knew it. They were almost going too far. Justice stopped himself and apologized to Noel. He felt Noel become a little hesitant about going further.
“I’M SORRY” Justice said abruptly after he pulled himself away. “This is wrong, you have a boyfriend.” Justice said sitting on his side of the bed and picking up the pillow. “You sleep on the bed and I will take the floor.”
“Why?” Noel asked.
“Because, if I sleep with you. I’m going to continue to kiss you and I’m going to want more. And we can’t do that.” Noel looked at Justice agreeing with him.
“You’re right.” Noel said. Justice threw a blanket on the floor and wrapped himself in it.

When morning came, Justice was sitting on the edge on the bed watching Noel sleep. Justice was falling madly in love as he listened to Noel snore lightly and watched his lips part. At that moment, Justice wanted to make sure that Noel was forever protected. He wanted to make sure that no matter what happened between them; Noel was protected and that Noel felt loved. Noel woke up and looked at Justice and it took Justices’ breath away. “Hey.” Noel said.
“Hey.” Justice replied. “How did you sleep?” Justice asked Noel. Noel yawned and stretched.
“Okay. I’m still a little sleepy.” Noel said.
“Okay, Go back to sleep.” Justice said.
“How did you sleep?” Noel asked Justice.
“I really didn’t sleep.” Justice said.
“I’m not surprised. You never sleep.’ Noel smiled at Justice. That was the truth that everyone knew. Justice never slept. He was too busy trying to make his dreams come true. “Are you about to go out?” Noel asked.
“I was going to let you get more rest.” Justice said.
“Oh. Okay then.” Noel said. Justice started to get up but instead he stayed sitting on the bed. He was filled with Nervous energy and hands started to shake. Justice looked at Noel and asked.
“Hey, Can I hold you for a little while?” Justice nervously anticipated the answer when Noel smiled and said.
“Yes.” Noel turned over to face the wall as Justice got in the bed. Justice placed his body beside Noel. Justice then placed his arm around Noel and suddenly tapped Noels tight stomach twice gesturing Noel to move closer towards Justice. Like clockwork, Noels body moved closer to Justice and the two slept, peacefully.


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  1. Darell Grant says:

    I read this with the quickness dahling
    It was so fetch!
    Love the blurred pic…really!
    I have to say HONESTLY, and i hope im not overstepping but i like the thought of u and T, i mean Noel! I really do. U guys seem to have started off very organically…time tells all dahling, time tells all!


    1. Darell Grant says:

      Well u know u cant supress how u feel. Thats not good for the ticky ticky boom boom! You have alot to think about seriously.


  2. Darell Grant says:

    Just figuring out whether or not you want to make.it known to him that u miss him is something to ponder.


    1. Nope.. I cant. I think i miss our friendship more than i miss anything else…


    2. And i may never tell him i miss him… And thats the way… (Uh huh uh huh) i like it


      1. Darell Grant says:

        Lol haha
        Well then thats the way it is(celine dion voice)


      2. Love that song. I just posted a celine song on my blog


      3. Darell Grant says:

        Gotta check it.out


  3. jdallen32 says:

    If you can sit and write a story like that and try to make it into somebody else’s story guess what you 2 were meant to be together somehow someway and it will happen somehow just keep thinking positive keep going with what you’re doing and it will get better cuz baby if you can write a story like that and something is really happening right now in life guess what your dreams will come true eventually just don’t push anything just let it come naturally and it will all work out perfectly fine love to you and your true love one get back with me chat on my blog if you want you need someone else to talk to that’s fine have a good day and just keep thinking positive love JD the gay man aswelk

    Liked by 1 person

      1. jdallen32 says:

        My name is jd and making new friends is what i like so happy to read your post keep wrighting i love them…:)


  4. jdallen32 says:

    I am new on here first time blogger and finding a lot of interesting things and subjects to talk about on your and I seen your story and it was really really touching


  5. jdallen32 says:

    Sorry I really don’t have many pictures of myself up yet a really horrible right now I haven’t shaved haven’t gotten a haircut or anything yet so I looked really horrible that’s why I’m not putting many pictures up to go to my blog you should see my pictures on there how I look and I don’t I don’t look very good to myself so that’s why I’m not doing big picture thing yet


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