Hiding in shame

Hey Zofties,

I’ve been hiding out a little. I’ve gained so much weight on Zoloft that I’m really embarrassed to be seen in public… If it were up to me, I wouldn’t go to work looking the way I do.. But now, I barely even get up from my desk or speak to anyone. I’m so afraid that everyone is thinking, “ewwwl. He’s so fat!”

My coworker Leigh Ann sat down and spoke to me to let me know that she understood why I was going through. Serotonin could be the devil at times, but she let me know that she understood that my weight gain was due to the medication and she was really supportive. That made me happy, because she realized how uncomfortable I had been lately. I seriously don’t speak to that many people at work unless I have to.

This Christmas, Russell and I are going to see the Tree at 30 Rock. I’m getting him some contact lenses and I’m praying that he buys me an iPad! (Fingers crossed)

Russell and I are looking for a new apartment. Our lease expired. I’m happy that this chapter is over. I’m ready to love on and excited to see what might happen in the next chapter of my life.

Anyway, I’m headed to bed..
Look out for the next Justice Diaries this weekend!!!
Zozo kisses 💋💋💋


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