Zofties Unite

I haven’t forgot about my Zofties.
I actually want you guys to know that I’ve been going through withdrawal lately. I took myself off of Zoloft for a little while. I’ve been trying to get myself in shape from then Serotonin weight gain., so yes you guys, I will admit that I am a huge fatty now… Zoloft makes me so hungry. And regardless of how much I work out everyday, I still gain weight. Which kinda made me even more depressed.

I’ve been so ashamed of the weight gain, I haven’t really gone out at all. I can’t seem to face people who believe I’m this fabulous fashionista. I cover up a lot. I can’t fit any of my clothes and I cry about it, I’m not used to being this big.. Russell loves me through it, he’s a saint! I don’t know a lot of gay men who are willing to love you through depression and a weight gain. He’s pretty awesome. I feel extra ugly after trying to grow my hair out again,

But regardless of all of this, I’ve been really happy… Like really happy… Like really happy… It’s weird.!

Have a good morning Zofties
Zozo kisses… On withdrawal…




One Comment Add yours

  1. Darell Grant says:

    I dont see ugly or fat. Just a common whore, oh honey (Karen Walker voice)


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