Justice Diaries… “Stones and Glass”

While on my promotional tour at the Mall Of Americas, I wasn’t feeling like going to another signing session. I couldn’t stomach the screaming teen-aged girls, boys, and their creepy parents scream and criticize your every move. You come face to face with your most prominent stalkers and killers and all the while you’re smiling uncontrollably to make sure everyone thinks you’re happy. Here’ a secret about these events that no one knows, it’s all scripted and choreographed. Everything from where you sit, to what you say. Whether or not you’re going to use a marker or a pen is planned by a sponsor. If you are going to hug someone or hold someone’s child in between every 20 people is planned by a promoter. Some of the people in the line are models and some to make a scene. One model is placed there hundreds before the final hour to start a riot so the artist can leave early when they get tired! This is the entertainment industry, and everything is as fake as they say it is! I was handed a script and agenda! Lines to say to make the fans feel good! Then a schedule of when I would be switching markers, taking a sip of our sponsors’ soda. Our sponsors were PEPSI, and they asked that I took a sip out of the cup every five minutes and to say things like, “can’t live without it!” or “gotta have it” Something as dumb as that!

Half way through my signing posters and CD’s for my album due to drop later that year. I noticed a short little Asian woman came up to me. I looked at her and thought that I seen her before! Sure enough it was some lady I remember Dancing with at PURE!
“Judy Chan, HOT Dish Weekly!” She held out her hand to shake mine! “Justice, I am so happy to see you again!”
“Same here, I said looking around at the photogs getting every bit of this meeting. I then looked right into her recorder as she asked me.

“Justice, I hate to be the bringer of such bad news, but it’s my job!” She giggled in a school girl manner. “But, Paris and Koala just did an interview with Diane Sawyer. The press is all over it!” She said and continued. “They have made some shocking allegations toward you and MTV networks! Would you like to comment?” She asked shoving her tape recorder my face! I was taken off guard and hadn’t known about this. I looked at Kirsten as to say why don’t I know about this? She just looked at her Blackberry and started pressing keys.
“I have no comment about that!” I said!
“What about the accusations that you bought drugs for your friends, and was the one that got them hooked?”
“Never!” I said! “That is completely false!” I said! Half false, anyway! I did negotiate with the clubs to get us everything on the rider that we wanted! And my friends just happened to want some more than a little alcohol. But I never bought anything! That is just dumb; a real celeb has people buy things like that for them!!! Duh!!! !
“Security!’ I shouted.. “Get this bitch out of here!”
Just then, my Kirsten came out with Clare, and grabbed me and said.
“You need a break!” Then I got up and the crowd started to moan angrily! It hurt me, but I was out of there! I hopped in my SUV, and my driver drove me and the girls to our next destination, while I yelled into Kirsten.

“I honestly wasn’t alerted about this scandal!” She said! “Michael has not said anything! I called him and he said that you should not worry about it. Paris and Koala’s word can’t be trusted.” She said! “They are just mad at you. No one will believe them. This shouldn’t have any effect on your career at all!”


“Okay, maybe we should do a little damaged control!” I heard Michael said over speaker phone! “Justice, this thing has gotten bigger in just a few hours, and the Diane Sawyer special hasn’t even aired yet!” He said! Why was he worried all of a sudden? I thought I had nothing to worry about? “You have to make a statement!”
“For what? You guys received my Drug tests when we all had to take them, and it came back clean, so what’s the problem? “I asked. “I’m not saying anything! The best weapon is silence.” I said. I was not fully convinced myself.
“Or you can go on OPRAH, and confess your sins, and let her forgive you” Michael laughed!

“Hell no, I do not want to sit anywhere near that fat chitterling eating bitch. How would that help me?” I laughed. Michael erupted with laughter. He knew how much I hated Oprah. I was probably the only person I knew who was disgusted. “I don’t trust anyone who thinks of themselves as God!” I said!
“I’m sensing that you don’t really like Oprah, do you?” Michael asked laughing.
“No, Bastard!” I laughed. My team was funny. I had to love them.
“Besides, this isn’t that big of a deal. Let me get arrested for drug charges first, and rape a dude at a club.” I said. “I could get busted picking up a prostitute in the village near the pier.” I said. “It’s not that serious yet, when it is, I will go to the fat bitch and confess.”

After the Diane Sawyer special aired, it felt like it wasn’t the big deal that everyone made it to be. No publicity was bad publicity. I think the public made up its mind about the story. Paris and Koala had no credibility, and that was mainly because they didn’t know how to manage their short-lived careers. I mean you hear about celebs having 15 minutes of fame. But they really had 15 minutes! While releasing my first album entitled “Naive” The sales were really slow, causing the label to re-release it. I was under SONY MUSIC GROUP, Who imaged and marketed me as the “NEXT Lenny Kravitz” But I just didn’t have Lenny talent! The truth was, they didn’t know what to do with me. So they dropped me, and I ended up signing with Geffen after doing small promotional show and mixtapes.

With my new production company (JUSTICE I.N.C) doing great business, I decided to do something with my free production time. I hired my friends Jaime, and his girlfriend to do a Mockumentary on my life. Everything was going as planed with shooting, until we had to stop production due to a few death threats. While the death threats rolled in I had time to do my album. It scared me because I knew that I was now a public figure, so it could be more than two people trying to kill me. My thing was, not everyone had my person numbers. MTV cancelled The Sweet Life leaving the divas broke. When Koala heard that there could be possible reconciliation with the production companies, he entered rehab and did some community service.
Paris wasn’t so smart; He hit the party scene hard. Flying out to L.A. to be a part of the party scene, where he became a part of the social wannabes. That group consisted of past party girls and guys that fame quickly dried up. Tara Reid, Brandon Davis, Vivian Portman, Gretchen Miles, and Sil Silverman were now all a part of Paris crew. Vivian was a heiress of oil fame. Her father struck it rich when he was 31 years of age. The Greek family had a few siblings on the Hollywood party scene. One of which has been seen dating Mary-Kate Olsen. Gretchen and Sil are Twins. The different last name is explainable. Sil or Silena changed her last name because she wanted her husband’s last name. She married Brian Silverman after falling truly, madly, deeply in love after a little too many E pills and Vicodin at La Lohan’s house. The couple were inseparable, until Brian was found dead a year into their marriage. He was, “like the love of her, like life!” And without him she would “Like, I like wanna die, like!” You know?
Brian was massive rich, and since he thought he would live forever, he didn’t have a Last Will and Testament. So she went all Anna Nicole on the family seeking his money, The judge finally gave her half of everything and all of Brian’s’ father’s properties. In about a year most of the money was gone, and the family took over the responsibilities and Kicked Sil to the curb. These were Paris new friends. Brandon Davis was famous for being famous and calling Lohan a fire crotch. And Tara Read was famous from American Pie! That’s not real fame. And now with being a power party boy, he became more devious.
And showing up at my Miami estate was too unexpected. I gave a party for the Miami VMA’s and everyone was there.Diddy, Mariah, Jay-Z was also there. Beyoncé wasn’t allowed. Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams were there. Janet and JD couldn’t make it, because Janet was still fat. –
In walked Paris, and Tara crashing the party. He was messed up on so many things at once. He had the druggie lean. He walked in yelling, “Where is that ***?” falling all over the place. I came out into the Living room area where he was sitting with Diddy making sexual remarks toward him. I grabbed Paris by the arm as he protested, “Get your hands off of me, Justice.” He said.
“What are you doing here?” I yelled. He whispered and whined. “I need to talk to you privately.”
“It’s not going to happen!” I said. “You and Tara need to leave.” Just then Nicole Richie walked over and said,
“Wow, I thought the real Paris was trash!” She smiled. “You make her look like white trash, but a little cleaner!” She laughed. “You need me babe?” She asked.
“I’m fine honey!” she stood there until I gave in and let Paris talk to me. I pulled him into my room, Where all the craziness happened.


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  1. Darell Grant says:

    Loves it! So much drama, juicy! I am such a fabulous hot mess! Oh and i adore Oprah! And im glad Beyonce wasnt invited


    1. I love that you love it

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      1. Darell Grant says:

        I do! I have to become A list again though dahling, like seriously lol
        I do honestly loves it though
        Im gonna try to get some shut eye. Love u
        Ttyl whore


      2. Darell Grant says:

        …and none for Gretchen Weiners, bye…


      3. the story isnt over……lol


      4. and my video is uploading now, so u can watch it tomorrow

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      5. Darell Grant says:

        Cool, good night sex kitten

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