Thankful Thanksgiving

Hey Zofties,

I really want to say thank you!
It’s really hard sharing my every thought and emotion online because, Everyone has access to my every thought and emotion. But I thank you all for providing me this sounding board and sticking with me.. I check my stats everyday and to know that you guys come and still read my blog (even on days that I don’t post anything) it really means a lot to me.. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am so grateful…

I am not celebrating Thanksgiving with my family this year and I was very sad for a while.. I totally wish that I could fly down to Florida to see them, but the way my bank account is set up… It ain’t gonna happen!!!
However, I am very lucky to be sharing this thanksgiving with someone who loves me more than I could ever believe that I could be loved.

When I met Russell, I was homeless with nothing to offer. I felt abandoned and down on my luck, but Russell loved me through it.. He’s loved me through everything this year. We have gone through a lot and it hasn’t been easy. But I’m so happy that I know what THIS feels like. I’m happy I know how it feels to get the love that I’m so used to giving out… He hasn’t left me even though I have been a nightmare in so many ways (he’s not perfect… I’ve dealt with his shit too) I am so grateful..

I’m feeling so full of thanks…

Here’s to my family…
My mother, Michelle.
My Dister, Denisha…
My niece and nephew Keyarra and Keanu.
My brother Leeman.
My newlywed Husband Russell.
My child SugarPie HoneyBunches Of Oats Little-Sexton…
Love is real..
My friends Danny and Relly!!! My thoughts are with you guys!!!
Akish!!! One love.. Always.
David.. You are my boo.
JoNathan, Tim, Marlon- we’ve been through it all…
Even though we aren’t speaking and you are probably talking my name to shit, Christina, it’s nothing but love for you and Elijah!

Tyree and Drena!!!
Jonnetta. There are no words… None… I love how our words can serve as inspiration for each other…

I’ve learned a lot of lessons and lost a lot of people, but in my heart you guys have always stayed.. Johnnie, Tiger,Jaylen!! Blessings!!!

To my Zofties and Zozo Heads!!! I love you all! Thank you for you support.. Thank you for also, being apart of this book… You guys rock!!

J❤️ Zozo kisses💋💋💋

Happy Thanksgiving


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  1. Darell Grant says:

    I love u so much. I’m thankful to have u in my life and I look forward to many more years of friendship


    1. I love you too… 525,600 minutes a year!!!

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      1. Darell Grant says:

        Thank you. I need that right now. Something is churning inside me…


      2. At the end of the day, remember that u are loved.. Be strong..

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      3. Darell Grant says:

        Thank for talking to me. I have a LOT more growing up to do!


      4. Anytime. Every living being is a “work in progress”

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      5. Darell Grant says:

        I can’t take the Janet Jackson


      6. Lmao.. Well.. I cant help it

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      7. Darell Grant says:

        You know the moment when u look at someone and they have faggot written on their forehead. Ok I’m done, I”ll be quiet


      8. Darell Grant says:

        I shouldn’t even utter that word


      9. Darell Grant says:

        No it’s not, it’s truly.not. that word has caused me pain in the past, how dare I use it now


  2. I love you too, we all been through it. We are stronger than we even realize. But in the end love concurs all. I so grateful that you found someone to love you unconditionally. Even though I know what a mess you can be. Know that you will always be my first love. You and Russell will always be in my prayers…i love you baby. Mom

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  3. Darell Grant says:

    How sweetocity, the words from your mom
    Loves it


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