Justice Diaries; Part 4 and 5.


Koala called me from prison. He said that he was stopped by the police in Jersey City while driving Paris’ car. Koala had been speeding, driving without a license, and booked for a DUI, and possession of Heroin! Koala claimed that the drugs weren’t his and they found it under the back seat of the car! Paris drugs? Who knows??? I told him that I would come get him!

“I went down to the seventh precinct on Bergen Avenue in Jersey City! One thing I loved about Jersey is no one really cared about celebs as much. There was no real media there, so we were able to escape without being stalked by paparazzi! Paris showed up to see Koala, after I already posted bail.

“Where is my car?” Paris asked loudly. He looked bad. He was getting skinny, and looked like he hadn’t eaten in days! He was sweaty and looked like he was in the middle of a cocaine binge. Paris was wearing a plain grey sweat suit and black sneakers… It’s like he didn’t even try to find white sneakers to match his sweats.
“Paris! Please not now!” I warned him! “Let’s go outside.” I tried to warn him not to make a scene. I grabbed him. He pushed me away and went up to the officer at the desk! Koala and I stood there and watched him.
“I came to pick up my car!” He said! The officer looked at Paris and almost knew he was under the influence. His eyes were bloodshot red! He was tweaking and sweaty and his nose was running!
“Sir, The vehicle has been impounded for evidence!” Office Moore told Paris. “You can pick up your car tomorrow.
“My belongings are in that car!!”By that he meant his, money, and drugs!
‘Really?” Officer Moore asked. “Well this little fellow said that he didn’t own the car or anything in it!” The officer said! “Is that true, that you own that vehicle?” He asked Paris!
“My license is with me, and registration is in the car!” Paris handed the License and the cop looked it over!
“Well sir, you are under arrest for possession of an illegal substance!” Paris looked a little lost at first and then tried to fight the arrest as the officer tried to read him his rights! I hung my head in disbelief. I turned towards the door, and dragged Koala out with me; as we listened in distance to Paris scream out for us to come get him! I jumped into my new Lexus and sped off thinking. “This will not look good on Access Hollywood!”


Koala and I were sitting at my place in Porte Liberte, talking about the night that passed us. He now had a DUI on his record! Koala now having a record surprised me! Paris sat in jail most likely suffering from withdrawal. Koala was sitting on my couch crawled up like a scared puppy! Koala was more than my friend; He was my family and now with him being on the show. I was his boss. It’s complicated to be a friend to someone, and then be their boss. I basically owned his career right now! Sure he wasn’t busted with drugs in his system. But he and Paris both has the possession of drugs on their record! They would both have to be forced into treatment before I could go on with the shows production.
“What’s up MTV?” I heard on the television. “This is ya homeboy Sway from the MTV newsroom with some breaking news!” He started! Koala sat up on the couch, as a picture of he and Paris came up on the television! “Last night in Jersey City, Socialites Jamal “Koala” Garns, and Darell “Paris “Frances, was arrested! Koala was busted in Paris car drinking, and speeding. Paris was booked for possession of an Illegal substance.” I glance at the Koala who was silently sobbing, then felt my Blackberry vibrating. This wasn’t good for publicity! Sway continued.
“Police reports say that Paris showed up at the Station Disoriented and high and kept overnight! Koala was released on $10.000 bail!” I still can’t believe it was that much! “You might know the two from their show here on MTV which is doing well in ratings. Paris is said to be released today! No spokesman for Paris or Koala was released at this moment!”

The only thing that I could say to Koala at that moment was. “I hope you’re ready for rehab!” I said. I was serious as a heart attack! “Because, that’s the only way I’m keeping the show on the air!” Koala looked at me and said
“I know I messed up!” he said! “I can stop on my own. I don’t need rehab!” Jamal said in a sobbed voice.
“Too bad, you are already checked in!” I said dropping hints that I’m sending him and Paris to rehab in Morristown, and not some fake place like PROMISES. I refused to make this a vacation for them! “You leave tomorrow!”
“Why?” he yelled. “You can’t tell me what to do Justice!” He said. “I’m not going, and you can’t make me.” I laughed!
“If you want this show to stay on the air you will go!” I said calmly. I barely yelled at Koala. I could yell at Paris all day because he’s a hard head.
“I’m not going, and I’m sure you can’t get Paris to go!’ He said. “You know he won’t go, and you might pull the show, but you need that money just like we do.” He smirked.
“I’m not the one with the drug pr.blem. I got that together before I signed my deal” I said. “As a matter of fact!” I added. “Did you forget that I have an album coming out, as well as a show on ABC? Which I co-produce with my production company! I ‘m going to be fine!” Koala got up and ran to the bathroom, and I followed behind him!
“Leave me alone, Justice!” He said slamming and locking my bathroom door! I ran towards the kitchen and picked up my key chain. I unlocked the door and found Koala sitting on my toilet sobbing and doing a couple of lines. I blacked out!
“You bought this crap in my house?” I yelled snatching the foil wrapped powder out of his hands as he tried to fight me. I unfolded it and threw it in the sink followed by some water! He screamed and shouted. Kicked and punched me!
“You think this is easy!” He yelled at me! “Why did you do that?” He frantically started to punch the wall and continued to yell. “Fuck you Justice, fuck you!”
“You will not do that in my house!” I said! “I’m sorry, but if you wanna be a mess, then they have crack houses for that!” I said! “But you will not turn this into the crack house.” My house was my dream house. White fluffy carpet in my living room! Pine hardwood floods in the kitchen and dining room! Black fluffy carpet in my bedroom! Walls are clean, garbage and drug free! Mantels are filled with family and friends nostalgia! Also I have awards from school, and college. My community service notice is everywhere.
“Get out!” I demanded! “I don’t want you here!” I said blankly!
“Okay fine!” He said. “I don’t wanna be here!” he said walking pass me. My heart felt like it was going to stop! “You think you better than me? You’re not! I don’t have a problem!’ He started to cry! “I don’t need help!” He said! Sobbing now uncontrollably! I used to think addiction is all in one’s mind! I once believed it’s something we all have control over. As a former user—I know how it feels to want it, but I don’t know how it feels to need it. My eating disorder was worse than my drug use. I believed that God wanted me to be as skinny as Nicole Richie, with abs like Usher. After a while I started to hate the sight of Usher, and regard Nicole as a crack whore. In recovery, I decided that it was better to not want to be them and just be me. I struggled through that. And I saw the struggle through Koala! It was hurtful. So much that He finally admitted he had a problem. “I’ll go!” He said! “I need help!”
Paris was not as cooperative as Koala had been. Getting him to go wasn’t easy! After his bail was posted that day, he was a huge problem. He first wanted to sue me and my production company for slander, and breaching a contract! How??? He had no case against me! Aimless threats weren’t going to help his problem. Relating to him might! So I met him for lunch at a downtown restaurant! No lawyers, no agents, and fancy entourage, just the two of us
He showed up wearing the hugest drug fixed sunglasses! So he was high on something! He frowned at me for what felt like forever, and then he let me have it!
“Not only did you sneak behind my back and become my boss, but now you are threatening to fire me!” He hissed! “You cannot be trusted!”
“Listen Kettle, I’d avoid calling pots ‘black’ if I were you!” I said. “How about you try to take the show from me? If you would have been at scheduled meetings, you would have known about me having everything to do with this project!” I said! “This is not about who’s right! It’s about what’s right!” I said about to let my guard down! “Paris, you and I went to preschool together! Your Cousin is my half-brother!” I said. “We are family; with the reoccurring Christian Baptist Incest”
I wanted to know that I have a real connection with him! “I want the
Best for you! Koala has already been sent to rehab! His contract is still open! We are just waiting on you!” I said with a pause! “If you choose not to participate, Koala will get his own show! And the endorsements that you guys are getting will go to him.” I think it was the word endorsements that woke him up! It’s like the word Benefits to someone who works a normal 9-5. The only difference is, there are more benefits to endorsements! It’s a chance to become well-known, and A-list! And one thing Paris and I loved more than life was the title A-list!
“How long am I going away?” He asked, with a weird sigh!
“Three weeks, the least. Depends on how bad your situation is!” I’m certain that 3 weeks would be okay for him. He would have to also do outpatient care for an additional month and attend meetings. “I can sign you into an outpatient program so that you guys can still promote the show, as well as do the endorsements within you third week. But you have to really see this through. If you are caught using again, I will pull the shows production without warning!”

After I lunched with Paris, and he agreed to get help! I called the networks issue a statement. “As the show’s creator and producer and more importantly as a friend; it’s my duty to make sure that the stars of the show receive all of the treatment and time that they need. Paris and Koala both would like to thank both fans and haters alike for their thoughts, and clear concern!” Paris added the haters’ part! I thought it was a nice touch. No one has ever dared to get cocky with the American public. Obvious, Paris isn’t just anyone! He was a legend and partied like a Rock Star.

Just because my friends were spinning out of control, it didn’t give me much of a reason to spiral with them. They were the celebs, I am the business. I now had three shows and an album to think about. So I hired someone to help me with all of my planning! Wise decision, I know! But there’s something to be said, when you can no longer handle your life anymore! So you hire someone to tell you what to do. Kirsten was a great negotiator as well as a good friend! If you ever knew a woman with more direction and a big head on her shoulders, you knew someone like Kirsten. She never took no for an answer, and anything else was inexcusable unless it was what she wanted! I knew that she would lie, cheat and steal her way into some hearts. Why not make her my manager, agent, and business partner? I hired my cousin Grace as my live-in assistant. She and Claire ran the website dedicated to the fans of the reality show. And Grace and Claire then formed my website for ongoing information. This is something I could never do, because I never know what’s happening unless Kirsten tells me.
But I did receive news that Paris signed himself out of rehab after being on suicide watch! Koala finished rehab a day later. He and Paris were seen in three clubs later that night. RAIN, SUITE16, and THE TOY CHEST! Drinking and smoking! Here we go. I guess I had to teach them a lesson!

“What?” Paris said in pure panic and disgust! We were in front of the network heads! I had suggested on the spot drug tests for the both of them. And I’m guessing that they both were using the night before, because Paris eyes were bloodshot. And Koala was nodding off at our meeting. I spent $20,000 dollars a week to send the both of them to rehab, and I wasn’t going to let them off that say! “This is crazy. I’m not taking anything!” Paris said.
“If you do not take these tests, then the show will be cancelled!” Michael Duffie said! He was clearly heated about the whole situation. “No contract, no endorsement deals, no spin offs!” He said looking directly at Koala, who stopped nodding at that moment. “Guys, you have the number one show on MTV. All that we ask is that you stay sober during production and promotion. If you want to drink, that’s fine. But hard drugs, we will not tolerate.”
“I’ll take them.” Koala said drowsed! He could barely sit up! I asked the Network to clear the board room where Paris looked at me and said!
“You love this aren’t you?” I looked at him with a smirk!
“The tragic spiral a diva!” I said! “That’s always a pity!” He cocked back as if he was going to hit me! “I wish you would!” I said as he stopped! I then Slapped Paris and he fell backwards.
“Don’t you ever act like you wanna raise your hand to me again, do you understand me?” Paris held his face.
“You’re such a bitch!” Paris slurred.
“The only thing you can do to get your career back is to pass this test!” I laughed, “But you won’t, So I guess this means…” I thought about it for a moment, and then said! ”I win! And you lose!” I walked away. “I tried to help you, but I can’t help someone who doesn’t want help.” Koala stood there like an innocent high puppy, hoping that there would be a miracle, and he would somehow pass his drug test! He wouldn’t. Actually, neither of them would. Paris was sent back to rehab, and faced the courts. He and Koala both received community Service. License suspended. And I didn’t pull the show.

No Publicity Is Bad Publicity

With my projects coming into full throttle. I had no time to really babysit Paris and Koala. I had a reality television show, a sitcom, and an album that deserved attention! Though I put the album on hold, I have a lot to do. So my days were filled with meetings, table reads, and promotional venues and red carpets. The only way I was able to try and keep up with the latest gossip on my “declining divas” was through Kirsten. “Paris was seen on YouTube at a party. And there was some drinking and drugs going on!” Kirsten said reading her blackberry. “Someone followed Koala home a few days ago and one of his stops was along a street in New York. There is a crack house down the block from where he was.” She kept going. Michael said that the ratings are sky high, and was beating Wild ‘N’ Out and Yo’ Mama in the ratings!”
“That’s a good thing for right now!” I said with no enthusiasm. “So they are just going to let them kill themselves for the ratings?” I wasn’t shocked. This was the industry I was dealing with. No publicity is bad publicity. Endorsements for Paris and Koala were coming out the acres. I left them to their business and focused on my projects. But I knew that I would be bothered soon. I sat in my vanity getting my make-up for the E online party.
That night I had a dream. I was running down a street being chased by someone who remained faceless. This person seemed to be running so fast. Yet as slow as I was running, he never caught me. My hair was flying, as I ran in my jeans, wearing tan Durango boots. I ran into a cemetery; the same cemetery in all of my nightmares. There is a huge cemetery in Jersey City on West Side Avenue and it stretches for seven blocks. Anyway, the sky was darker than any night I can remember, and the storm clouds rattled with thunder. I ran into a huge mausoleum. Inside there were lit candles and weird blue lights. It was very creepy. There sat coffins, almost 50, and two of them were open with bodies lying in them. For some reason, there were people gathered in the tomb as if it were a night burial. I beginned to sweat! Scared to chills I walked over to the open coffins to gaze upon the pity vigil!
People fell to their knees, in prayer. A lady with a rosary cried, and spoke in a foreign tongue I’ve never heard before. A force slowly moved me closer to the coffins as if I were in a Spike Lee movie. Flashes of my life came to me as I gazed upon the bodies. I began to cry as the bodies lay still and emotionless. Their faces looked tormented, and tortured! Faces were bruised, and battened. As tears fell, I saw Paris and Koala’s eyes open with grins on their faces. Scared and yet relieved I gave a half smiled that later revealed a confused look. They rose out of there coffins to confront me. “Wait, Justice!” Paris screamed! There was calmness on his face. “You didn’t see our surprise!” he grabbed me and took me to another coffin, and opened it! The person face looked burnt and his scars looked terrible! I begin to cry, and Koala said!
“You look beautiful Justice!” He smiled! “Yes, as always!” Paris mocked! “You die with us Justice!’ Paris laughed.
“No!” I yelled. “That’s not me.” I cried, trying to move away.
“Oh, but sweetie… It’s you!” Koala said. “You tried to save us, but you couldn’t save yourself.” I backed up and started to run away, when I came face to face with myself. The dead me was now standing in front of me. I was beat down with track marks up my arms and a rope around my neck!
“Why did you do this to me?” My corpse asked me. “Look at me. You did this to me.” I began to run away from my zombie-self; when I stopped at my grave and seen some grievers. “The Pills made him do it!” Paris laughed! “You thought you could keep this addiction a secret Justice? You’re such a fucking Hypocrite. You put us in rehab, but what about you? Yes, baby, you overdose just like I do. But you die… And I help you die!’ He smiles.
“This isn’t real!” I yelled! “This can’t be real.”
“This isn’t real!” Paris mocked me in a high squeaky voice. “Ugh! You’re so annoying. Just die already. Go ahead, go pop your Vicodin, with your vodka. Numb yourself because you can’t take the truth. Pathetic.” He laughed. “You’re fucking pathetic.”
I awoke, crying in a cold sweat. I ran to the kitchen and gulped down a glass of vodka. “I do not believe this!”
I went back to my room, where my Blackberry was ringing! I received a text message from Kirsten that let me know that the Network was Pulling THE SWEET LIFE from the schedule “until further notice.” And just when I thought I could take a real sigh of relief, I got a text message from Paris that read– “It’s on! Raw and dirty!” It’s Paris, either he wanted sex, or I would have to put my war boots on. Either way, it wouldn’t be satisfying.


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  1. Darell Grant says:

    Loves it, either he wanted sex or we were at war, either way it wouldn’t be satisfying
    That’s mean lol


    1. Lmao… So funny!!!


  2. Darell Grant says:

    I wanna act this out, like seriously


    1. That would be cool! Lmao


      1. Darell Grant says:

        I’m completely serious, u need to talk to logo or something dahling, my character is beyond fabulous(classic me response)


      2. If i could sybmit this to LoGo it would be awesome.. But they have guidelines now

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        Try. Seriously try! It’s really good


      4. Thank you! I will work on it… By the way, u will happen next with ur character soon…


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        I really enjoy it love


      6. Darell Grant says:

        Question, what happened to changing your name to Ashlyn


      7. I took the Ashlynn out of my name.. Its just Justice Maurice Monroe… And i filed papers again. First tome it was denied


      8. Darell Grant says:

        Why was it denied? How could a name change be denied?


      9. Darell Grant says:

        Okkk minus 2 k’s


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        Watching impractical jokers, eating sweet potato cornbread and drinking kool aid
        Jersey Black at its finest


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