Swaying side to side

Dancing our little dance

U whispered something to me.

I take in ur scent and it filled my senses.

It scented my clothes

I flirted as our bodies became slaves to a beat.

The music carried our tempted hearts.

As our minds played the victims to what our bodies were going to eventually do.

A couple of glasses of wine and uncontrollable laughter set the tone.

I wanted u. U wanted me even if it was just for that moment or for that night.

The truth is, I’ve wanted u for so long but afraid towant what I could not have.

You told me u were trouble while we were swaying

I signed up for trouble. It was better than heartbreak. It was better than being used.

And if sex or a hook up was trouble, then sign me up.

Because while we were swaying and grinding, slaves to a beat.

I wanted to sway to the beat of ur headboard.

And as our bodies aroma filled my senses. I took u in.

As u in turn took my body into urs.

In that moment u taught me something about sex..

And u taught me more about myself.

My lessons were learned as our hearts beat..

We were once again slaves to the mismatched rhythms that beat for others and not each other.

Then morning came. And my heart beat matched urs… And urs were in sync with mine.. And we didnt focus on it

Until the next time we were swaying.


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