Justice Diaries: Part 4 MTV… 1,2,3, GO!!!

2 months later

I was riding the E train coming from Queens headed back into the Manhattan. I was reading The Truth About Diamonds by Nicole Richie. I loved that book; I think i read it maybe 30 times already. She is my idol. I shifted towards Nicole rather than Paris because I there’s more to Nicole than her party-girl image.  Paris annoys me, She is a dumb bitch and I hate idoits and i think it’s pretty idiotic for a woman to act like an idiot.  Paris may be rich and good at making money, but I hate her image. “I’m a party girl, I’m pretty!” And that’s it! Nicole Richie has a real story and I love a person with a story to tell. In her Book she tells about this girl named Chloe. Someone with potential, and a light that was brighter than everyone in Hollywood! To me, my light was Koala. He was my Chole in so many ways. However, Chloe sobered up, and found peace! Would Koala be that lucky?

I got off the SUBWAY at MADISON SQUARE GARDEN. Walked to Times Square. It’s just something about walking around New York City in the spring. You feel a little of the fresh air it brings. The breeze just feels new. Sephora seems fresher than the stinky old perfumed air! The new spring collection blends in and drags it into the city. I walked into the Viacom building waiting to be escorted to TRL! Koala and
Paris had met me there. The show was ready to be aired that day, and they went on to promote it! It premiered a week before. Although I wasn’t largely involved with the show, I was still on it because it was my group, and I hung out with them. And it doesn’t hurt that MTV told Paris I had to be there to promote it! I get paid for this!!!1 I would have loved to see Paris face when they told him I had to be there! I guess they really needed my face.
“We watched it yesterday!” Koala said to me backstage! “The opening credits say featuring Justice Diva! So you had to be here!” Koala said, and then whispered “Paris tried to edit you out!” I leaned
in towards him and said!
“Don’t tell Paris but, I’m a secret producer!” Koala eyes widened! “I already have a contract, and get paid for this whole publicity thing!”I put a finger to my lips as to say “ssshh”

“Let’s just go promote the show, and remember to keep it our secret.” I said! “Paris will find out at the right time!” However, if Paris had read his updated contract and release statement, and maybe if his lawyers would have told him more about the project a few months ago mid-shoot> He would have found out that I had a secret meeting with MTV, in which ABC allowed me to become involved with the project just as long as I would push my ABC project during the filming of Paris MTV reality show! (I hope you guys are following this!)


the lights were on and cameras were rolling. If you’ve never been to TRL, then you don’t know what you’re missing! I remember going there when Mariah Carey went to go promote her CHARMBRACELET album. Thats when she showed up with the pink Manolo Blanik-like Timberlands with Diamonds all over them! Those boats were FIRE in person as they were on TV! And now I’m in the studio promoting our show! Damien Fahey introduced us as we walked out. The crowd started to applaud for us as they have seen the show already. As he greeted us one by one. It was Paris that decided to start to plug “his” show.
“Now Paris, How long have you three been friends exactly?” Damien asked him! With a dragging voice Paris said
“For like, forever!” He laughed! He was the only one laughing, but that’s mainly because of the fact that he was high. He’s not shooting the show, so he’s not in trouble. But if he was caught using while shooting the show, he would be fired or forced into rehab! “I’ve known them my whole life!” Like we met Koala in 2004.” It was actually 2006!
“Now from what I hear, you guys are so good for club promotion that, you now have a contract to show up to parties?’ Koala started to speak but was cut off by Paris and said!
“Yes. Because we’re hot, and we are fun to hang out with.” I stood there and just waived to the crowd, and tried to focus on the interview, but it seemed like Paris was handling it.
“The show is awesome, because it follows your everyday dramas, as well as your party life. Justice was it intended to be that way?” He asked me. Paris started to cut me off, and said!
“Well, it was supposed to be just our Party life and the glamor that goes with it. But I like what it’s become. It kind of shows us. Who we really are when we are not partying and that we are human!”
“Okay!” He looked confused! “Justice How much time did the production spend on all the editing, and how much did the editing really effect what we are seeing?” Paris started to answer again when Damien cut him off and said. “I want Justice to answer; I mean he is the show’s producer!” That caught Paris by surprise! You saw it all over his coked stoked face!

“What?” Paris asked softly. Koala laughed a little! I proceeded to answer the question.
“I think you’re seeing mostly everything. We didn’t edit that much out of the show. I love the fact that all of the footage is absolutely dead on. And I tried to make it that way!” I said! Paris had a sour look on his face, and I loved it! “It’s weird, because, a weeks worth of footage really does create one episode. Imagine what could happen within a week with this group.”
“You and Michael Duffie, as well as Christ Donaldson had a lot of fun putting this together, and I wanted to show a clip of tonight’s show!” Damien said, and then added to the viewing audience, “Take a peek at tonight’s episode of THE SWEET LIFE!” And it started to roll on the screen Paris gave me this sneaky look. But he should have just paid attention!

“You didn’t tell me!” Paris whispered meanly!
“You never asked! I thought that was the way we did things in this group!” I said
Christ Donaldson was a Columnist! But he is also PR for MTV networks! I met up with him that afternoon for lunch and we talked about my business ventures, and then he let me know about his position for MTV! I saw an opportunity and I went after it! Christ also, Knew Michael Duffie, who is the producer of Paris and Koala’s show! He and I met along with Christ. Michael told me that he wanted me to become involved with the show. I told Michael that I had no intentions in being in the show, but I would come on as Creative Producer, and Executive Producer. But only if ABC  Okays it! I don’t know how they did it But MTV promised to push my ABC sitcom and under MTV came J.U.S.T.I.C.E Inc! My production company! I had to create a production company to be able to have something to do with MTV! Making Paris show The Sweet Life! Paris and Koala! In some ways, in association… my production. This made me Paris boss! And up until this point, Paris had no idea, because he didn’t care to pay
attention to facts, clauses, fine print, or the really large ones in black ink!!! LOL! (I know I’m not texting, but it’s just that funny!)

“Oh by the way, Paris!” I started to say. “In your contract, it states’…If the either stars are under the influential abuse of a controlling narcotic during the production (shooting) of the show. Such action will be taken, as in instant cancellation, or Forced rehabilitation. In which the star(s) must seek constant therapy while show is still in syndication!'” I read to him, like I was reading his rights! “You better not FUCK up BITCH!” I smiled! It was then that Paris had realized that I could take his life away! And for the first time he looked scared!!! And truth be told,

He should be!!!!

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