Back and forth

Hey Zofties,

Real quick…. That Aaliyah movie though!!! Seriously, it wasn’t a good movie (I knew it wouldn’t be) but the casting… Like seriously!!! The casting sucked. The best thing about the movie was the funny Memes on social media.. I did not feel bad about reading the fan comments on Wendy Williams Facebook. Here’s why!

I used to love Wendy, loved her radio show and everything. Then, she got a television show and I guess the thought of seeing her everyday turned me off. But I think the comments she makes about some people are disturbing. I understand that this is how she makes money. But I don’t agree with being a hypocrite. Wendy has a way of saying things about people when they aren’t on the show and then kissing their ass when they are on the show.. She does it to the Kardashians, she’s done it to Kelly Rowland recently. She’s done it to Tamar Braxton. So I don’t watch her talk show. But her recent trash talking about Bruce Jenner was not okay, for that reason, I don’t mess with her at all.. But I enjoyed reading what others had to say about her last night.

Anyway, it’s been awhile since I’ve written and that has a lot to do with school and trying to stay productive so that I can pass this semester. Also, I’ve been brainstorming a lot about my future writing projects. I’ve noticed that a lot of people around me are self-publishing books, it doesn’t seem like a lot of the things that are being published had much thought. I don’t want my projects to come off that way, so I have been trying to plan my projects. I’ve also been trying to be better at other things… Like being a better friend and boyfriend. I want to be proud of myself. I’ve applied to different positions that I know I can handle. Recently, I’ve applied to BuzzFeed. I obviously love BuzzFeed, I think that the things they are doing in media is so amazing. I want to be apart of that creativity so bad. I have so much to offer.

What else have I been up to??!!?
Oh yeah! Duh!!! So there are a few things I want to talk about. First, I want to talk about ProActiv… Okay, let me first say that for years, I’ve been known to have perfect skin and eyebrows.. And I love it! I love that others have been so awesome to me about my skin and jealous of my eyebrows. Years ago, I told people that when I needed to exfoliate I used Clean & Clear Morning Burst… And that’s the truth. However, in the recent months, my skin has been crazy out of control. I still had a great complexion. But I suffer from a severe case of Pseudofolliculitis barbae.

Well…. Razor burn.. Every time I get a haircut, regardless of the clippers my barber use, I come home with really bad razor burn. This has been an issue for me for many years. And a lot of the times, I would try to cover it all with make-up. Last week, I finally felt that it was time to make a change. I ordered ProActiv… So far, so good. My skin feels and looks amazing.. I’m happy with the results so far. I will say this, I have sensitive skin. I know that a lot of people who start using Proactiv usually have a really bad reaction. That’s a normal reaction, but I would tell everyone to follow through with the program..

Now, okay Zofties and Wellbers (cause…. Well Darell that’s Wellbutrin) Have you guys ever been guilty of seeking the advice of Dr. Google? I do it all the time… Russell thinks it’s annoying, but I seriously believe that this is the reason why the Internet is at our fingertips, so that I can worry myself and cause myself a lot of heartache and anxiety.

I know that I’m a hypochondriac, I know this because Dr. Google told me… Which makes a lot of sense, I remember going to get checked for herpes after kissing someone and being so afraid of catching Mono… This is a funny story actually, I was 21 and I smart in some ways and dumb in other ways…

But I actually thought I had mono. I didn’t even know what Mono was… Someone told me that Mono was “the kissing disease” and that I could get it from kissing someone. I freaked out… I went to this STD clinic in Jersey City, I asked if I could be checked for HIV, herpes and Mono. The woman laughed at me and told me that I didn’t have Mono. I was so mad… This woman was obviously miseducated on the infectious disease that I knew that I had. I went on to tell her about this newly discovered disease called Mono, that people get from kissing. She was well aware of this disease and assured me that I had nothing to worry about.. And with a clean bill of health, I went home….. And I relaxed… Then, I did some researching… Oh lord! I swore I had a fever, and a sore throat. So I freaked out… I went crazy.. I had mono… Until I realized, I just had the flu.

Today, I was on the Internet trying to figure out looking at psychological disorders. As I read through all of them, I became more and more aware that I was fucked up!!! Here’s why, I swore that every one of the disorders applied to me. Especially Borderline personality disorder… I’m so sure that I’m borderline. It fits me… I swear. Stay the fuck away from Google you guys, it’s dangerous… Like really dangerous.

Today, I ran out of Zoloft, so tomorrow I have to get my script filled… That’s something I don’t feel like running into Walgreens… Mostly because people are getting killed in Walgreens now. But there’s a good chance that I will pick up the script on my way from the dentist today. I don’t want to go through withdrawal.

Someone I knew asked me why they should take Zoloft as opposed to other meds offered. Honestly, I can’t speak for anyone but myself. This blog doesn’t promote the use of Zoloft, it only shares my experience. But it should be noted that I am only one person. My experience with Zoloft, may not be the same as others. So I will not promote Zoloft as a miracle drug for the depressed. I will say that Zoloft is an option. Most drugs take forever to adjust into someone’s system.. It can take months for you and your doctor to find the right drug balance. Zoloft happened to work for me. But, I’ve tried a few others like Celexa, Lexapro and Wellbutrin. I wanted Prozac, but my doctor told me that Prozac is the strongest antidepressant out there and my symptoms weren’t that bad. I will urge everyone to find the balance right for them.. Zoloft allows me to function and live my life… Zoloft inspired me to create this blog. I started this blog after my first two doses… So you guys have been on this journey with me from the beginning… For that… I thank you for staying and reading!

Anyway, Zozo faces.. I will write again soon..

Zozo kisses💋…. And Wellbs smooches!! 👄



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