Justice Diaries. Part 2 “Giving It All Away”

SPLASH was the place to be on Wednesdays! If you ever wanted to know what the “club paps” were like, Then you would most likely see them on Thursdays! Club paps, is a name given to the paparazzi outside of every club on Thursday night! Club goers branded them that because the New York City Party scene was becoming more and more like L.A! Only, it wasn’t all
over TMZ! Instead, you were features on NEXT, NITE LIFE, BOY TRASH, and many others. Well not always, but  Paris and I had quickly become the scenes new socialites of the ballroom scene. We now had contracts with certain promoters to atend parties. Paris and I enjoyed every minute of it, as long as the promoters stuck to getting us everything we demanded in our rider.
A rider was a contract that a promoter receives from a artist, or celebrity of a certain claim of fame that gives a promoter a list of demands. What bugged me about most celebrity riders, was the list of weird demands That I would laugh at. Like Mariah Carey only wanted lamps in her dressing room, because she hated overhead lighting. Something a drag queen would want so no one could see their Adams apple. Jennifer Lopez wanted everything in her
dressing room to be white and cleaned. She wanted white sofas, white sheets,
white towels, white flowers, everything had to be white! I think she needed it in case her acid trip wore off. Janet Jackson wanted her own snake sitter! No, I’m not making this shit up. For the Velvet Rope Tour, Janet Jackson wanted someone to come baby-sit her baby Python. Like I knew the Jacksons were weird! ButI thought Janet was supposed to be the normal one!!! What are her snakes doing on tour with her overexposed boobs anyway?

Paris and I wanted free drinks and food! I wanted burritos and tacos, fried chicken and I had to have Frank’s hot sauce. V.I.P access at every event! Benadryl was a must for me. All the trinkets we could get! By Trinkets we meant anything
that you can file under that word, and we listed each and everything we
could think of.
Pills, coke, trees etc…. this is a long list… lets continue…
Since that tragic night at PURE, where Koala had a fight with his “boyfriend!”
Paris and I had become centered in Village Voice and NEXT gossip columns. One columnist hated us for sure! Christ Donaldson had the worst hunger to seeing that we read horrible things about ourselves every week and it never bothered me much until I read something so horrible that it almost made me cry. Donaldson wrote, “Justice seems to lack the ambition that has made most socialites famous. That is the ambition to move on and do better.” After he reported the incident involving Koala, and his fall outside of PURE,
he reported that Koala had been missing from the party scene for a couple of weeks. Christ wasn’t lying. I hadn’t been able to get in contact with Koala and no one had seen him for a few weeks! The only one who had access to Koala was Casey. I’m pretty sure that’s a scary thing.  I would call his phone and just get his machine, and after a while I would just send him a text message because I was worried.

I carried a soft spot for Koala. He was the youngest in the group and very vapid at times. And I was missing him! The worst thoughts came to my mind when he was missing!
When I finally received a message for him, he had asked to meet me at our favorite
Chinese restaurant in Jersey City called Confusis. I was there early because I wanted to get my favorite table. When I walked in, the hostess greeted me with a smile saying, “Good evening Justice!” Then she took a bow! “Your table is ready!”She led me to the upstairs booth! The place was so beautiful and private. The lights were dimmed, (and no overhead lighting- Mariah!)

When Koala showed up He looked at me and smiled. “You always get this booth!” He laughed.
“I’m a diva! It’s a perk!” I shot back! “I got up and hugged him!”How are you? I asked him! Koala looked a mess. His tidy extensions were now very messy and dirty. There was almost an inch of new-growth peaking through his braids! He wore dark denim with a Juicy tee shirt, and jean jacket! It was obvious that he wasn’t doing well. He just didn’t have a light that he used to possess. I’m certyain he was on a binge a couple of nights before.
When Koala and I met, he would beam with excitement. Everything he was had Delightful all over it. Not anymore! He lost a staggering 60 pounds after the drugs, partying and alcohol! And a few other things that we don’t speak about! But you could see that the stress was just there!

“I was so worried about you! Where have you been?” I asked him and his head just went off into wondering. He was totally on something! Take it from a former user— it must have been heroine! It’s cheap and numbing!
“Oh! I’ve been good!” He said! “I’m so Through with Casey!” He said unconvincingly! “He has hit me for the last time!” Koala said. He then went into this story about how he and Casey stayed in the house last week drugging and sexing each other, until Casey had a friend over and screwed the friend in front of Koala. “I’m so done with him this time.”

“You’re sure?” I asked! I was a little shocked at the story, but I had nothing to say…
“Justice, everything is totally chill! I mean, sure! It was totally a shocker that he was that controlling, but I’m so over it!! He’s so last week!” Which means this week it’s someone else!
“His name is Benjamin Coles!” My face had shock written all over it!

Benjamin was just known to the party scene as, “the IT boy!” Everything about him was on point! Fashion, Looks, and Personality! But one thing that was known about him was his skills in bed! Benji had a HUGE well.. you know.. I enjoyed it!
“You’re kidding, right?”I asked! There was NO way Koala could have been telling the truth.. I mean… No way…

“NO! He and I are in love!” LOVE? It’s too early for that! Koala must have been high if he thought that Benji loved anyone other than…. Benji.
“Koala, you’ve been missing for two weeks! And all of a sudden, you’re in love!”  I was a little confused! “Let me paint a picture for you. First, you argue with Casey, trying to take some of his drugs. Then He hits you and you fall
to the ground! I’m on my knees trying to pick you up and make you come home with me! And you guys take off in his car, and leave me on the side of the road like I lost my puppy! He then hits you, and you and your face
hits the window!” I mocked “Click- Click Click!” I said with my fingers impersonating
cameras of the Paparazzi!
“I know what you’re saying! But It’s all over now and I’m fine!” He said smiling! “I have great news though!”

“What’s it?” I asked, not really wanting to hear it! He kind of ruined my buzz with the love bull crap.
“Paris and I struck up a deal to star in our own reality TV show!” That truth
threw me for a loop! Wait…. Did I hear him right?
“What the Fergie are you talking about?” I asked.
“Paris and I met with some producers, and they originally wanted you two, but
Paris said it would be better to do it with his best friend!! I was approached about the show.. but I wasn’t told that Paris had accepted it.  “He didn’t tell you about it?”Koala asked!
“No!” I confessed to him, a little more shocked! “ I had no idea at all.” I was a little hurt, but I knew in my head that there were bigger reasons as to why I was kept out of the loop.
“He probably thought you wouldn’t be interested!” I’m very sure that wasn’t the reason he kept it from me.
“Why wouldn’t I be? These are my dreams that we are living!” Then I thought
about it…… These dreams I had made come true were now having an effect
on us all! “Good Luck!” I congratulated! In GAY WORLD. It’s better
to throw shade in a different way! But Koala wasn’t my enemy! Neither was
Paris, or so I thought! In Gay Hollywood, The fighting will always be either classy or shady. Apparently, with me, it would have to be both.
“We are going to need something from you though!” He said!
“What?” I asked!
“Well we don’t have a decked out apartment like you do so….”
“Not gonna happen!” That was never ever going to happen! The nerve of him!
“Well they might just rent out a place for us ti live during the taping of the
show!” He said very giddy! Something in me wanted to hit him. Instead I finished up my food and wine. I was really hungry.

After Our meeting, I left and called my agent and told her to put a “GO AHEAD” on our plans, and I would talk to her later! Paris was not going to live my dreams  without me and I wasn’t going to let him! It was time to move on! With a little help from Christ… Donaldson that is!

Stay tuned For Part 3…. If you liked this… let me know!!!



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