Justice Diaries… Part 1… short story

I can still remember how it started. Paris and I were home thinking of new ways to branch out and become more known in Port Liberte. For some reason, our status as socialites weren’t enough! We needed to create something new, and that meant lots of change! See, being just plain old Justice was not really getting me anywhere. So why not be someone else? We had gathered around my living room to watch my favorite movie of the summer MEAN GIRLS! Tina Fey from SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE had written the screen play that starred Lindsay Lohan, Rachel 
Mc Adams, and Lacey Chabert! That’s when I thought it through! 

“Why don’t we become mean girls?” I said with eureka all over my face! It was like they had seen the light bulb! Koala, who was a small chubby brown-skinned guy, just looked as if it was too much comedy! 
“That sounds like crapola!” Paris said! But I wasn’t giving up on it! 
“Think about it!” I said, in totally persuasive mode! “Everyone in Hollywood, even unknown socialites have a certain image! Why not create one for ourselves and then go on self promotional tours. ” I said loving the idea! It made perfect sense if you wanted to do the leg work yourself. Basically it’s what the drag performers are already doing… 
“We are not Hollywood celebrities!”Paris said! “And we might need agents for promotion!” 

“No we don’t! All agents do is charge you for something you could do yourself!” I said. “Let’s cut out the middle man, and do it ourselves. But let’s do clubs!” 

We sat around the sectioned off white sofa eating popcorn and drinking soda watching the movie and giving so much thought this image idea! 
As the movie ended, and we all picked out different characters of who we wanted to be, it felt cheesy! “How about we are MEAN GIRLS with a PARTY GIRL twist!” I had lost them!”We have to study people and make that image our own! From our favorite celebs in Hollywood, to our favorite characters in movies!” 

Paris had chosen Paris Hilton, Fergie, and Lindsay Lohan to take his image from! I chose Janet Jackson, Nicole Richie, Nichole Scherzinger and Mariah Carey! Koala chose Tyra Banks, Monique, and Nikki Hilton 

It seemed our images were intact! 

And for a few weeks we would go to every 
party that we had heard about! Take pictures and acquire a following of 
people! People we begin to let into our circle. Justin, Brian, and Junior 
were up and coming faces our the Village community that we were getting 
to know! 

I called a meeting at my House in Porte 
Liberte that we would of course push Paris and I into the forefront of 
our promotional club tour! At these parties in New York City were photographers and our photos always ended up in the NEXT magazine sold in the Village on Christopher Street and Hudson! If people were going to learn about us I wanted them to see the faces of the brand, and not little wannabes! 

Arriving at PURE on a Thursday night, was a sight to see, as we were escorted to the front of the line, and headed to VIP! Paris and I mingled with the crowd as we were being seated! Ashlee Simpson was there promoting with her boyfriend Pete Wentz of FALL OUT BOY! I had to get a picture with her! That was my goal! to get a picture of her and it be published in NEXT, and the VILLAGE VOICE! 

That night was my first time doing a lot of things! 

We were dancing when Paris excused himself for the restroom, which was code for me to walk with him! We weren’t supposed to be seen separately in case of photo opts! While in the bathroom he went into a stall and asked me to come inside with him! 

“Dude, I love you, but not like that!” I said! He pulled me in and locked the stall door. “Dude what is your problem?” He pulled an aluminum wrapper out of his pocket! 

“Haven’t you had enough already?” I asked him! He said still unwrapping his package and taking out a dollar bill. 
“It’s not for me!” He said “It’s for you!” My eyes widened! 

“No its not! I’m sorry!” I begin to walk out, and he stopped me! “ 
“Have some fun, Nicole!” That had become my club name! I wasn’t getting that mess on my black top, and dark blue skinny jeans! 
“No! Are you forgetting that these 
illusions are fake! We are not really Paris and Nicole!” I said. “We 
are just posers!” I said! I walked out of the bathroom! 

We had shots all around the table and we partied like nobody’s business! I felt hammered! Ashlee was just as hammered as I was! When I made my way to the bathroom again with Paris he looked at me and said “You need to be leveled!” I looked at him and went into the stall 
and puke my guts up! He laughed at me and mocked the sound of my vomit 
leaving my mouth! I walked out of the stall and grabbed 
his rolled up dollar bill, and took a couple of lumbs. Cocaine is a very weird drug, but it’s very easy to see how someone can become addicted to it! However, I don’t see how anyone can afford it. It’s really expensive. 

Later, Koala in true junkie fashion. Had a fight with his boyfriend of the week! As they argued outside the club, and he slapped Koala causing him to fall and his long micro- braids 
to fly in the air. 
“Where is it?” Casey asked him about his drugs! Casey was now searching Koalas’ pants while he was on the ground still in shock after being hit. 
“I don’t have it, baby. We finished it in the bathroom.” Koala pleaded. 
We had become the New York Tragic tale! 
Paris and I posed for pictures when we noticed Koala on the ground. I pushed back my long hair (Extensions). And tried to help him up! His looks now ruined by the grease on the pavement! And earrings all over the place! Koala then got 
up cussing Casey out! Then Junior caught a taxi cab as Koala’s boyfriend Casey called for him to hop into his car with him! I looked at Koala with a warning 
“Don’t go Koala! Please Don’t Go!” I said! 
“No, Jay! It’s okay! It is!” His drugged out voice displayed that it wasn’t fully okay. 
He got up and ran to the car, and hopped in! As they drove off a white packet fell to the ground and the water splashed onto the pavement as I seen Casey reach over and punch Koala causing his face to hit the window! I cried trying to think of what I had gotten my friends into! 

But as tears started to leave my eyes, Ashlee and Pete were leaving and my last chance for another photo with them in case the others weren’t published, had come again! I had no time for tears! I took that chance. Photographers then swarmed us, and people glistened. There was a hidden message in all the tragedy, busy streets, honking cab drivers, drinking people looking for a place to chill or waste time. In all of this, the message was simple “Welcome to New 
York Nite Life. Isn’t it Fab?” 


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  1. Darell Grant says:

    Cant believe i am just not commenting. All i can say is I FUCKING LOVE IT!


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    Just now commenting rather…


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