Zozo Can’t Sleep

Hey Zofties

Good morning Zofties

I’m going to start this post off by talking about Zozo. Last night Zozo and I stayed up until 2am. I barely slept. We read articles on my phone hoping to feel some sort of exhaustion. Nothing.. Finally, around 3am Zozo and I went to sleep. Now, Zozo and I hadn’t had that disgusting side effect diarrhea in a long time.. But, insomnia has reared it ugly testicles in our lives.
Ladies, don’t you hate it when something always tried to come between you and your best friend?

Ladies, you hear me! I’m talking to you…. WHERE MY GIRLS AT???? We asked you a question!! (Crowd goes nuts!!! Michelle continues)
Sorry, was watching Live in Atlanta last night during my insomnia.

For some reason, insomnia showed up out of nowhere… Now, last week I was taking the Wellbutrin at night with the Zoloft. The side effects quickly got old, which is the reason why I stopped in the first place…
Anyway, I’m one way to work.. On the bus, stuck in morning traffic… Oh the work life…. Ain’t it fab???!

Zozo kisses💋💋💋

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