Sex talk

Hey Zofties,

I just left work and I’m in the light rail headed to class.. I probably won’t finish this post until later tonight.. I’m trying to dish out at least three posts for tomorrow.. I’ve been deep in thought.

The hardest thing about being gay, isn’t the hate that you get from others. It’s the constant reminder that there are other men out there that you have yet to have sex with. Can I be honest for a minute? (Good, because I’m going to keep it very 100 right now…) I’m a huge flirt. I’m so much of a flirt that I flirt sometimes without knowing that I’m flirting… There is constant temptation to fuck someone else..

Russell and I talk about this all the time. He says that he’s happy with just me, but I’m a total different story. Sometimes, you don’t fulfilled in your relationship.. I can admit that I wanted more. But it wasn’t just that I needed more of a kindred spirit, I was bored with sex with Russell. Actually, I didn’t want to have sex with Russell at all. I didn’t feel anything or get anything out of it.. The whole time, I’d be thinking about doing something else. When we did have sex, I did it because he wanted to or because I got tired of being accused of cheating on him.. I had sex with him to shut him up. Sexually, I wanted more than what Russell could give me. I had to make up in my mind to look pass the sex and just accept him for everything else he could give me. Am I happy? I’m working on being happier, that’s a journey and a mindset. I know that happiness will take some time. We are still learning some things.

Let’s talk about sex.. (Oh yea! Today is that type of day!!!) The other day, Russell asked me “do you let everyone see how overt sexual you are?”
And I’m like… “Not always”
I am very sexual. I embrace sexuality because it’s apart of the human experience. Now, I was having a conversation with a friend who said, “I love having sex with you. You have a big dick and a juicy booty. I bet your boyfriend is enjoying that!” I laughed. When I have sex, I have fun. I’m all about pleasure and I don’t like small sessions.. My moans are exotic.
When I bottom (which I love and miss doing) I ride dick hard. And since I barely ever invite anyone inside of me, I’m always tight… I make dudes nut quick and I enjoy it. Every position is my favorite, but I love being on my stomach…

When I top. (Which I do a lot of) I’ve gotten used to guys raving about my sex game. I honestly think that the best tops have bottomed before. There’s a method to topping that not every “Top” gets. You seriously have to understand how to please your bottom.. I can honestly say that being a bottom has made me a better top. I know which buttons to push when I’m fucking my dude.. I know how to play with his body… I know how to let him take the lead at times when he really needs to get his rocks off.. I found that the best way to make your bottom bust a good one; is by having him ride you.. Russell calls this “chasing the sensation” When Russell rides me, he’s chasing the feeling of my dick rubbing his prostate… He goes wild and rides me harder… And I just hold on and “enjoy the ride”

I love it when Russell rides me backwards… (His back is turned towards me and my hands are guiding his hips) it’s an amazing feeling… I cum so freaking hard…

I’ve been known to have some kinks… We will talk about that in my next post… Until then..

Night Zofties..

Zozo kisses….. And Wellbs kisses..(cause Darell is on Wellbutrin)




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  1. Darell Grant says:

    I love it! I love you! Really again with the wellbutrin lol. Ur a demented Janet Jackson psychotic freak! U keep me guessing, I thought I was getting some enlightenment tonight, but no ur S&M ass is all about the man love tonight. Your fucking amazing. I heart you!


    1. I heart tou too , billy!

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  2. Darell Grant says:

    Did you Really have to have ‘raw fuck’ as one of your tags…I can’t with u

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lmao.. Umm yea.. Raw fuck is fun.. Darell


      1. Darell Grant says:

        Stop it, what is wrong with you.


      2. Raw fuck, raw fuck, raw fuck


  3. your person says:

    Im like in the same boat. Im sexually unsatisfied. I yearn for more. I love the attention that men and occasionally women gives me.But Im at work thinking about Smiles and how i want to fuc the living daylights out of him. His Drive for success turns me on. He is sexy, smart and last time i had him inside of me the dick was delicious. I feel myself craving him. I feel lie i can tell him any and everything. I hope when i finally do release my juices to him, that the feelings dont die but grow and prosper. Damn…. RTC


    1. Oh wow!!! Well. I would say this… It took me to be in a relationship (a real relationship) to realize that these feelings are normal.. It doesnt mean that u dont love the person u are with.. It means that u want excitement.. Theres nothing wrong woth that..


  4. Darell Grant says:

    Both of you..i in the hell am I, ME, (remember my escapades) the conservative one here? I am disgusted….LOL NOT!!


    1. Oh puhlease Whorey McWhoreson!!!! Dont go there… Im still the good one

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Darell Grant says:

        I believe you! I’m a virgin! Shut up!


      2. Ummmmmmm no comment

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