Tell someone they are awesome

Hey Zofties,

Sometimes you need someone to remind you how awesome U are.. I say this because life could be so cold and full of reminders of your failures.. Some people can get so mixed up in all the horrible things that’s going on in their life and not the good stuff..

Take a minute and tell someone that they are awesome.. Anyone.. Send them a text or give them a phone call.

Today, I was dwelling on a failed friendship. I made up my mind to take all of the ownership for what went wrong… But today I was reminded that I was awesome, by three different people.. All of which, at one time or another weren’t speaking to me. Now, I’m not saying that I stopped taking ownership of what went wrong in the friendship… I will take on my part.. Not hers.. One day, she will have to deal with her truth.. At this time, I’ve dealt with my truth and I didn’t have to lie to myself to make myself feel better.

Understand that life is a journey. No one can take a journey alone… So many of us are dealing with so much. I pray that the words written here on this blog has helped someone feel like they weren’t alone in their journey .. I hope that my struggles, my tears and anger has helped someone face themselves. Because, that’s the reason why I created the Zoloft diaries… Not just to talk about a pill that has been reviewed millions of times; but to tell my story so that others know that they aren’t alone.. I would love to save a life..

This post is dedicated to so many of the depressed; angry, addicts, homosexuals, freaks, weirdos, misunderstood, women, men, transsexuals, drag queens, etc….. You are awesome. You are beautiful…. You are everything…

Tell someone they are awesome..

Luv and Zozo kisses.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Darell Grant says:

    I love love love this post. I am awesome! So r u! I love you dearly, and i mean it!


    1. I love you too.. And yea. U are awesome!!


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