Bed Rest Does a Body Good.. (Hopefully)

Hey Zofties!

I haven’t really been in the best mood this week… I can honestly say that I needed to rest. Maybe this concussion came at the perfect time. I haven’t been to work this week, doctors orders. My doctor examined me and thinks that my reflexes and coordination seems a bit off. He wants me to get an MRI and told me that it was best that I return to work next work. I didn’t argue with him. God knows that I needed the rest.

On Monday, I slept until 4 pm. On Tuesday, I slept until 3pm.. I went to the dentist.. I would say that the worst thing about having to go through any of this, has got to be the nausea. The first few days, I had a mild case of Vertigo. I felt like I was spinning all the time. Actually, last week at work, I could barely keep my eyes open. I’m sure Erin and Valerie knew that there was something wrong with me.. My speech felt forced and slurred at times. Russell couldn’t understand most of anything coming out of my mouth.

Actually, over the weekend while there was so much drama going on with everyone around me. Russell actually took my phone from me and told me to rest, because I was literally sick to my stomach. And I wasn’t supposed to be using my phone anyway…

On Tuesday, I was just really exhausted all day. Everything that I tried to do, made me sleepy.
I still have really bad headaches. I have extreme mood swings, but I still think that’s mostly the Zoloft and the head injury. Speaking of the Zoloft…
I have realized that the extreme highs and hyper sexuality I feel throughout the day, is me experiencing Mania.. I may have to speak to the doctor about that. I know that some meds can have you experiencing mania… But also, the Mania is a symptom of Bipolar disorder. Now, being that I am OCD/bipolar.. I’m trying to figure out if I should be taking a mood stabilizer, since Zoloft sends me into Mania… Although, I’ve had Euphoric Mania…. I have experienced dysphoric Mania as well…..

Since I’ve been out of work, Akish (coworker/work mother/friend) has called me every day to make sure that I was doing okay. I told her that I felt so lazy today… I stayed in bed all day… I didn’t move a bit…Except for when I showered, used the bathroom… And I did eat today… But other than that, I never got out of bed.. It felt great… My friend Paul called and came over to bring me soup.. That was nice of him.
I really do appreciate those who have reached out to me this week while I was sick… And those who reached out to me when I was deeply depressed… Thank you!

I’m about to try to go to bed… I wanted to check in with you guys before I go to sleep. Thanks for being patient. I was a little out of it this week, but I think I’m getting better… I only have the headaches, exhaustion, and nausea to get of now…

Good night Zofties!!



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