Heavy Head or hard head……. give me some…..space!!

Hey Zofties!!!!

I woke up this morning around 9 am. It felt so good to sleep a little late. I didn’t go to work today because i really needed some study time. I feel like I’m not doing my best in school and that actually worries me a little. Well, i can’t lie. I know that I’m supposed to be worried about doing bad in school, but lately I’m not so worried. It is, what it is… i guess. Anyway, I got some studying done, so i feel rather good about my exam right now. I think I actually passed it. I hope I passed. If not, There is always the final. I hope.

Right now, it is raining in Jersey and I am loving every moment of the rain. I can hear it outside of my window while I sip iced tea ( WASN’T IN THE MOOD FOR WINE TONIGHT) Russell is up writing music and composing. while SugarPie is on the bed stretched out. I have a headache for some reason. Not sure exactly why, But that’s something I wanted to write about today… In the morning, I usually wake up with a cloudy-heavy head- hungover feeling, I’m not sure Exactly where it comes from. I’m doubting that it is coming from the Zoloft. Maybe it’s the combination of the Zoloft and Wine every night. But I doubt it, because I don’t drink every night.

I wanted to to vent about being ignored, but it’s not worth it… I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t care. I’m just over it now… Yesterday, I cared a lot today, I don’t actually, I care so less about it. I refused to let this person contact me anymore. That’s where I am emotionally.

By the way, my mother sent me a cute video last night… Some times i miss my family to the point that it’s really hard to keep it together. i feel so alone all the time. I know that seems weird ,seeing as though I am surrounded by people all the time. However, I feel so alone all the time. I miss my family all the time. I think about moving to Florida everyday… Of course, I will never move to Florida… But I think about it…

Anyway, I took my Zoloft and I have a paper to write, so I will write tomorrow…

Love and Zozo kisses…

Sorry this post was so short…..


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