Hey Zofties!!!

I recently asked people I know to write their experience with me now that I’m on Zoloft! My coworker Erin wrote this….

“A year ago, the man I met is not the same person I know now. I have seen an improvement. I feel that you have warmed up to me a whole lot. However, I can tell when you have your mad days which makes me not want to bother with you because I don’t know if I will be attacked or not. I rather stay silent till you come around again. Regardless bad day or not you’ll remand the kind person you are to me no matter what.
You’ve made me so comfortable [to] open up to you, which I normally don’t. considering you are my coworker and known you for a short yet somewhat long time if you count days/weeks/months. As you know us Gemini’s are not all that easy to get along with… yet highly sensitive & over protective of our loved ones. With that being said you have a place in my heart biatch. Keep fighting hard💪

More stuff to come!!!



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  1. Allyson says:

    Very nice of them to share that with you.


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