I’m horny

Hey Zofties!!!

So I called my doctors and asked him if the horniness goes away after awhile… And…. Well, no! He said that I should feel lucky because most antidepressants takes away ur desire for sex… Yea, well I don’t feel all that lucky! I swear I want sex everyday, all day!!!! It’s gotten really bad… It’s not like how it was weeks ago when I could control it…. Now it’s gotten to the point where I want sex all the time… Not sure if this will last, but I’m certain it’s not going away…
I think about sex all of the time.. I was thinking about this time when I was seeing this guy name Al… I’m just gonna call him that for now… He’s this sexy thick Latin guy… My god, we’d fuck at his house after he’d pick me up in his car.. That man didn’t have the biggest cock in the world, but when he fucked me, it was my god! He made me cum four times in a row. It was amazing. He fucked me so hard that my ass craved for his cock every night. I started to get off thinking about him fucking me in public places.. I feel like I should call him.. 


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  1. Darell Grant says:

    Eww, Jason why are you such a skeaze?
    You can’t sit with us!


    1. Is ur muffin buttered?


      1. Darell Grant says:

        Haha, I can’t
        I have sex mania too if u will
        It’s all u can think about, its hilarious. The thoughts, on the bus, the light rail, in class, in THERAPY ,it’s a mess.


      2. Exactly!!!! Its so weird… Especially when ur not expecting it


      3. Darell Grant says:

        It does come.out of no where, and then it.just goes. Just like a man..get it? Get it? Comes and goes! I’m an asshole


      4. Lmao.. Funny. Yea i get it…. But as soon as i am about to “get some” indont want sex anymore!!!


      5. Darell Grant says:

        Been there too! Omg everyone can see these messages. We need serious help
        The truth will set us free


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