I keep my panties clean

Hey Zofties!
I’ve been a little busy the past few days, but here I am with another entry for you! Here we go!

Monday, my headaches started to go away! Finally! I was able to think gay again. The only thing that was left after the headaches stopped were the constant mood changes. I’m certain I called Christina a bitch 80 times that day… Not sure why, but I remember how I felt and that day, I wasn’t feeling her at all. I also woke up bloated on Monday! Not sure if that’s a side effect with Zoloft, but it was horrible. I actually wore my “bloated shirt” that day! I have an extra large blue button up that I wear on the days that I am bloated…

Tuesday, was a pretty good day! I really can’t complain about Tuesday at all. Today, was the absolutely worst day ever! I’m so glad that it is almost over. I’m actually on the train headed to class right now… I wanted to share an experience earlier when I was at work… So here it goes!

I use the fitness center at my job. It’s not a big gym and the locker rooms aren’t that big either. It’s very cozy and uncomfortable at the same time….there’s only one shower… Which is pretty cheap and weird of the company to have one shower..
Anyway, I enjoy working out, but I hate working out there. I only use that gym because lunch time is the only free time I have during the day. The rest of my day is pretty full.

There’s this guy who works in the finance department named Manny. I don’t really know him, but I noticed that when I’m in the locker room about to change, he doesn’t shower. He just leaves… When I’m not in the locker room, he showers and takes his time… The only thing that bothers me about Manny is him dropping the free weights on the newly done floors when he’s lifting. It’s not necessary. It’s also very rude and dangerous.

However, he told a co-worker, (let’s call the Co-worker Brian). That he is uncomfortable with changing in the locker room when I’m in there because Manny is afraid that I’m going to look at him…. I was a little mad when I heard it and offended, mostly because I’m not attracted to straight men.. Second, this guy is broke and I kinda need to upgrade! Third, this guy is so ugly! Last, he’s an asshole. Needless to say, I don’t change in the locker room anymore. I got tired of his weird looks. I got tired of him being repulsed by me. I got tired of feeling uncomfortable around him. Bad enough, the locker room is so damn small, I already feel uncomfortable just trying to change my clothes.. By the way, I’m uncomfortable when guys change in front of me… Actually, I don’t let Russell change in front of me and i don’t watch him change either.. He’s not even allowed in the bathroom when i shower. The door is always locked. Russell and I have been together for a while and he has only seen me naked once… And I was sick that time. But anyway…..

There’s something that people forget about gay men, WE HAVE OUR “preferences.” If you don’t believe me, log on to Adam4Adam, Grindr, Jack’d and every gay hook up site. Gay men discriminate amongst each other. So I know they discriminate when It comes to the straight men they want to turn out… We do not just go for anything… For example, I am so attracted to my boss and I am teased about it. But it’s not just because I think my boss is adorable, but I’m so in love with his sarcastic personality. I love his corny ass jokes and the weird smirk he gets when he’s being an asshole.. I love that he’s an atheist. I respect his views on religion being a bunch of bullshit. I respect his devotion to the Mets and his obsession with his Mets bag.

I don’t go for just any type of dude.. I am not just any type of dude, so I will NEVER settle for just anything.. The stereotype that gay men are sluts and that we all want all men to be gay…. It’s so false. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of slutty gay men… However, I’m not really built that way.

Okay. I’m finally at school. I’m feeling so light-headed… Hopefully I survive the rest of this day… I’m so exhausted!
By the way, I’ve been listening to “Stay” by Sugarland all day!!! Check it out if you get the chance!

Post later Zofties!!!
Love and Zozo Kisses


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