Good Day, Zofties!
I hope everyone had a great weekend. I had a pretty good weekend.. I’m ready to fill you guys in on my weekend so sit back, relax and pop a pill…

Friday was my company’s annual picnic. I didn’t really stay the whole entire time because there wasn’t anything there for me to eat, except salad… I am a vegetarian and there weren’t any vegetarian options there at all! So my coworkers Valerie* and Erin* skipped out and went to this Mexican restaurant.. Now, let me first say that I LOVE Mexican food! I love Mexican food more than I love Soul Food! It’s just so good. Along with some great Mexican food, I had amazing sangria, in which I should have gotten a bigger pitcher of sangria. However, Erin had to remind me that we had to return to work.

When we returned to work, the picnic events were still going on, Erin retreated inside at her desk, Valerie and I met up with some other people and had a great time at the photo both… And I’ve got pictures to prove it!!! Lol. Lots of them! .

After work, I went to pick up my prescription from Walgreens. When I finally got home, I took a shower and got in bed, had a sip of wine and I was invited out by Dave… If you pay attention to my blog, you will kinda know that Dave is the cutest guy EVER! (had to embarrass him for a little) anyway, we went to the waterfront in jersey city. It was so cold outside. He and I talked about life and relationships… The conversations we had that night will obviously stay between and I. After we left the waterfront we went for pizza and then he drove me back home …. It was probably the best night I’ve had in a long time. (And I got a hug) I probably should have stayed in and study for class for that Saturday morning, but it was so worth it… I snuck in at 2 am to finally get some sleep…


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