I remember when I was a kid. I loved to write.. I used to write so much I would have sore fingers.. I would be glued to paper.. Actually, I remember when I was in science class and my teacher took my notebook from me and a my classmates went nuts… “You can’t take his notebook from him.”
I barely said anything to defend myself.

I would give anything for that connection to a notebook again.. Now, I barely write poetry anymore..
I would love to just sit and write something so deep that I find my voice and find myself again. I want to write a poem so deep that it makes someone fall in love with the thought of falling in love again.
I want to be vulnerable. I want to cry. I want to love and live and write my love and life.

The best thing about this kind of communication, is really the fact that I am writing this and you guys are reading it..
You guys are reading my thoughts and feelings! You are reading what’s inside of my heart..

So read on!!!!

More posts coming tomorrow!!!

Love and Zozo kisses!!!!


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