Long day

I had a pretty long day today. To begin with, I still have that foggy headache from earlier.. I wasn’t sure if it was the Zoloft or the cupcake I had eaten earlier; (sweets give me a headache). But this is one of those really bad headaches, with every move it hurts.. I wanted to put myself out of my own misery…
But I’m dealing with the headache… Like a Boss!!!!!
A muthafucking boss.

Earlier, I said that I was frustrated. I was.. Still a little frustrated.. The Zoloft does make me easily agitated at times.. I knew I was pissed today at work during a “confrontation” with a coworker.. I wanted to really slap her, but I didn’t… There was another incident where I wanted to choke a guy I worked with…
I told my coworker Vanessa I wanted to delete the Internet and hit her with my mascara! (BIG DEAL)

We were crazy busy today, so I didn’t have time to really to talk to anyone that much today…

Ever wanted to tell someone something about someone they “love” but didn’t know how to say it? Yea, I’m dealing with that now!!! Oh and it’s bad news. Juicy too!!!



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