Me and That Narcotic!

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Ok, first of all I’m a HE, Regina George, thank you very much and I have never done crack. I never touched a drug until 2007. I smoked my first joint, blunt, or whatever the kids are calling it these days, in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village on the pier. Needless to say, I was high out of my fucking mind and of course I loved it. Blaze, as I came to be known back then was born that day. I smoked weed every fucking day for the next year I would say. I definitely lived up to the name Blaze! Along the way, I discovered Extasy, which became my new love. Let me tell you, I abused ecstasy to the point where, I lost my job, my apartment and didn’t really care. I lost weight, and use to throw up stomach juices(yummy and sexy right) from having all that shit in…

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