Good morning Zofties

That awkward moment when your blog admits to someone that you have a small crush on them… Weird!!! But come on, of you guys met this guy, you would go gaga for him.

So this morning I’m feeling pretty okay. NO DIARRHEA!!!! Well not yet! I have a headache the size of Canada and I’m so sleepy! Today I have to pick up my Meds from the Walgreens. (I can’t wait) but seriously, as soon as I wrote NO DIARRHEA, my stomach started hurting, proving that it’s a mind thing… I’m gonna “think the shit away”

Yea, I will update you on the outcome.. So far, I can say that Zoloft has me pretty positive, except for when I think of my sister! I still get sad often… And I understand why you aren’t supposed to drink on Zoloft, alcohol is a depressant. But I spoke to my doctor and he told me to keep the drinking down to a minimum. So I only do a glass of wine on some nights. Some nights I might have a glass and a half….. Just saying.

(I’m so late for work)
I’m hoping today is a calm day at work, because I’m a little annoyed today. I’m not sure why. So far today, I’ve had bursts of energy and then I would get so frustrated… I’m going to try to explain how that feels..
It’s almost the feeling you get when you are speaking to someone and your thoughts aren’t coming out the right way, or coming out at all!
The only thing is, in a huge communicator.. When I can’t communicate, I’m frustrated, pissed and ready to throw shit!! (You like to throw things) someone said that to me the other day! I love to throw things, I’m Naomi Campbell!!i think I’ve broken so many phones because I throw them or hit people with them. My insurance company has made thousands off of me. I replace a phone every three to six months. It would make no sense for me to get the IPhone 6! I would break that piece of shit before I get a chance to use it! I’m pretty destructive.

I had that morning today when I woke up feeling ugly. Everything that I put on made me feel fat and uncomfortable. Everything made me mad. My skin, my smile, my voice etc. Today, I’m not my biggest fan. I’m a little sensitive today. But I’m okay… I just got to work.. Hopefully, my boss doesn’t say anything about calling him a bitch!!!!!

Love, hugs and Zozo kisses!💋




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  1. Darell Grant says:

    …I even said to your sister how handsome and photogenic u are! Shut up! Your gorgeous! It’s all in your mind. Trust me, I know!


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