Aggy ass side effects

The thing I hate about my mornings (other than traffic) is this constant diarrhea. Look forward to diarrhea if you are on Zoloft.. I’m late to work every morning because I can’t seem to remove myself from the toilet.. It’s not fun.

The diarrhea always seems to start as I am headed out the door to catch my bus… I have thought about talking to my bosses to see if they would adjust my schedule, but I’m a little embarrassed about what to tell them… Picture this;
“Ummm, Carlito* is it okay if I start coming in everyday at 10 instead of 9? It will give me time for my ass to dry!”

I don’t think that will go over well!!!
But anyway, good morning Zofties!!!
Love, hugs and Zozo kisses!!!!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Darell Grant says:

    TMI, but it’s all part of your better life! U r beyond hilarious! I love it!


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